iPad Mini Won't Turn On? Try These Fixes

Black screen on your iPad Mini? Get your iPad back in no time

iPad Mini with black screen

franckreporter / Getty Images

If your iPad Mini won't turn on after you’ve pushed the Home button, there’s likely an easy fix. In most cases, bringing your iPad Mini back to life takes only a few easy steps.

If your iPad Mini won't turn on and none of these solutions work, you may need to purchase a new iPad.

  1. Wake up the iPad. The iPad may be in a sleep state and not turned off. If pressing the Sleep/Wake button once or twice doesn't do anything, the iPad is powered off. When an iPad is powered off completely, the battery isn't being used. You'll know the iPad is turning on when you see the Apple logo.

  2. Turn up the brightness on the iPad screen. The tablet might be on but the screen may be too dark. Take the iPad into a dark room, open the Control Center, and increase the brightness. To open the Control Center in iOS 12, swipe down from the upper right corner; in iOS 11 and earlier, swipe up from the bottom.

    iPad brightness settings in iOS 12
  3. Plug in the iPad and charge it. If the iPad is off and won't turn on when you press and hold the Wake button, the battery may be completely drained. Wait several minutes after plugging in the iPad to see if a battery indicator shows up or if the device turns on. It will power on automatically when the battery has enough energy to wake the device.

    If an iPad Mini is left in a hot car or out in freezing temperatures, it may shut down and may not charge. Bring the iPad Mini to room temperature before starting it or charging it.

    Clean out the charging port if the iPad has been plugged in for an hour and won't charge. Dirt or dust may be blocking the port, which can hinder its ability to charge. Use a wooden or plastic toothpick to scrape out any debris.

  4. Fix cable connections inside the iPad. Some users have been able to power on their iPads after they burp the iPad. Lightly patting an iPad may realign loose cables that aren't making solid connections.

    Here's how:

    1. Turn off the iPad.
    2. Cover the front and back securely with a towel.
    3. Lightly pat the back of the iPad for about a minute.
    4. Turn on the iPad.
  5. Reset the iPad. Rebooting an iPad Mini using an iPad restart procedure works when the iPad is turned on. If the iPad is turned off, do a hard reset on the iPad Mini.

  6. Put the iPad into recovery mode and update the software. Recovery mode won't erase your data but will update the iPad software and reinstall the latest version of iOS.

    iPhone with restore from iTunes images on its screen
    Apple Inc.

    The image above is of an iPhone, but the onscreen images are the same on iPads and other iOS devices.

  7. Erase the iPad remotely. When an iPad won't turn on, you may be able to get to recovery mode or partially start it and do a remote wipe to reset the software. If you can erase the iPad this way, update it to the latest iOS version to fix whatever was causing it to not start.

    A normal iPad reset involves accessing the iPad's settings from within the device. You can't reset an iPad if the iPad won't start.

  8. Take the iPad to an expert. If the above solutions didn't work, take the iPad to an authorized repair service. There might be a hardware problem that software fixes won't solve. Look for an expert in the Apple Genius bar or at an Apple Certified Repair Center.