How to Fix: My iPad Keeps Asking for My iCloud Password

Does your iPad continually ask you to sign into your iCloud account?  It's always annoying when our technology doesn't act how we want it to act, especially when we are giving it the information it requests and it seems to just ignore our input.  Unfortunately, the iPad can sometimes get stuck thinking it needs the iCloud password even when it doesn't.   

Before we go through these steps, verify that the iPad is asking for the iCloud password and not requesting you sign into your Apple ID.  If the iPad keeps asking you to sign into your Apple ID or your iPad Account, you can click here follow the steps for correcting that problem

How to Deal With Repeated Requests to Sign Into iCloud


First, try rebooting the iPad.  This simple task can solve most problems, but you must make sure you are actually powering the iPad down.  When you simply tap the Sleep/Wake button at the top, the iPad is only suspended.  You can power the iPad down by holding the Sleep/Wake button down until you are prompted to slide a button across the screen to power it down.  

After you use your finger to slide the button, the iPad will shut down. Leave it off for a few seconds before powering it back on by holding the Suspend/Wake button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.   Get More Help Rebooting the iPad.

If Rebooting the iPad Doesn't Work

You can try signing out of iCloud and signing back into the service.  This will reset iCloud's authentication with Apple's servers.  

  • First, launch the Settings app, which is the app that looks like gears turning.  
  • Scroll down the menu on the left side until you locate iCloud.   Tapping iCloud will bring up the iCloud settings.
  • At the bottom of the iCloud settings is the option to Sign Out.  Tapping this will prompt you to verify your choice.
  • Before signing out, the iPad will ask if you want to keep the information on your iPad or delete it.   You should choose to keep the information on your iPad at this time.  
  • If you have to Find My iPad enabled, you will be asked to type in your password to turn if off. 
  • It may take a few seconds to sign out of iCloud. When it is finished, the iCloud settings will revert to a sign in.  
  • Sign in to iCloud.  This should correct the issue, but if you are still prompted to sign in to iCloud repeatedly, you can go through these steps again and select to Delete the information from the iPad rather than keep it.  Don't worry, the information is still stored in the cloud and should be restored when your sign back into iCloud.