How to Fix Hulu Streaming Issues

Fixes for live-TV jerkiness, buffering delays, and other common problems

What to Know

  • Hulu streaming is highly dependent on bandwidth, so make sure no other devices are using the internet.
  • Also try restarting your streaming device and network equipment, and reseating related cables.
  • Your hands might be tied if your hardware or the Hulu service is to blame.

Streaming issues of any kind are almost always related to the network. This could be your local network, the server's network, or an ISP somewhere along that route. While it could be a hardware problem, but that shouldn't be the first place you look.

When it's all said and done, a brand-new streaming device being used over a high-quality internet connection can still have streaming issues if Hulu is to blame. There's nothing you can really do if that's the case.

Regardless of where or how you use the service, below are several common Hulu streaming problems you might run into, and our take on what you can do to fix them, or at least minimize the issue as much as possible.

Many of the solutions on this page overlap. For example, whether you're having issues streaming live TV or it's only a problem with a movie you're trying to watch, they could both be caused by all your devices struggling for ample bandwidth or Hulu itself having issues.

How to Fix It When Hulu Is Not Streaming From Any Device

If you can't stream Hulu anywhere—their website, on your phone or TV, etc.—there's a good chance the problem lies with the Hulu service itself. In this case, there's nothing you can do to fix it, but you can verify this is indeed the problem before moving on to a different troubleshooting guide.

  1. Visit Downdetector to confirm that other users are also having issues. This is one of the best ways to confirm whether Hulu is offline for everyone or just you.

    Hulu outages reported on Downdetector
  2. Wait it out! This is all you can do at this point, since there isn't a fix-it guide you can follow, since the problem lies with Hulu itself and isn't fixable from your perspective.

    It's rare for huge services like Hulu to be completely down or for very long, so you can rest assured it'll be live again as soon as possible. Keep trying a few times over the next few hours, and it'll most likely be good to go again.

There's a chance your specific home network, or your ISP, is having troubles. To confirm this isn't the case, and the Hulu platform itself is to blame, visit some other sites from the same device you're trying Hulu from. If your phone or computer can still reach YouTube and Twitter, for example, then Hulu is the likely culprit.

How to Fix When Hulu Live TV Is Glitching

Live TV streaming issues, such as never-ending buffering or a black screen, are more prone to occur during peak usage times. This is likely the problem for you if you notice issues only during particular times of the day or when streaming from a specific channel.

Nevertheless, there are a few things you can try, since that might not be the specific problem in your case.

  1. Restart your device. Your computer, phone, tablet, TV, etc., might need a simple refresh to establish a strong connection again.

  2. Change to a different channel. No, this doesn't fix the channel that's having problems, but doing so will confirm if it's all of Hulu that's glitching or just that one channel.

    If it's the former (all channels are slow), reboot your network. If it's the latter (trouble with just one or two channels), there isn't much else you can do but wait and hope it clears up; popular channels are more prone to freezing than the less popular ones.

    Consider turning off Hulu completely and switching to Over-the-Air if the stream you're trying to watch is available on a local channel.

  3. If the problem lies with a select channel, update that Hulu channel. It might be the channel is so outdated that unresolved bugs are to blame for the streaming problem.

  4. Completely delete the channel and then reinstall it. There might be an issue with the cache, in which case clearing it out completely and then adding the channel back in could be the fix.

  5. If you're using a VPN, disable it or switch to a different server. A VPN adds another network between you and Hulu's servers, which could cause more delays than if it were switched off.

  6. Contact Hulu. They might be able to provide specific directions that apply to your unique streaming problem.

  7. Consider the steps below that help with Hulu buffering issues, since addressing bandwidth issues at home could be the fix you need.

How to Fix Hulu Buffering Problems

Buffering problems are often due to limited bandwidth availability. There are several things you can do to address videos that are pausing intermittently or are blurry.

  1. Close any open tabs, programs, or games on your computer or phone that are streaming video or audio at the same time you're trying to watch Hulu.

    All of those activities are competing for bandwidth, but since you have a restricted supply, Hulu will take a hit eventually, and slow down.

    Be sure to completely close the tabs or programs. Minimizing or pausing isn't enough since they are still running in the background.

  2. Pause all network activity on every device that you don't need to use. This includes smart speakers playing music, other computers phones in other rooms of your house, etc.

    If streaming Hulu right now is extremely important, and if you're able to, completely unplug any network-connected device you don't need right now. Keep your router/modem plugged in, but feel free to disconnect devices that could still be vying for bandwidth.

  3. Pause the stream for a few minutes to give it time to buffer. This is more of a workaround than a fix, but it should provide several minutes of uninterrupted streaming even if you have a slow internet connection.

  4. Reboot your router if those actions weren't enough, but keep all of those devices off the network still. The router could be to blame here, and a restart will flush its memory and hopefully make it run a bit better.

  5. Finally, if these buffering issues are enough motivation to cough up some extra money, you could always contact your ISP and see if there's a different plan which offers more bandwidth. If lessening your network load isn't enough, the next best thing is to buy more bandwidth.

    One way to verify this is to run a speed test and then compare it to the speed Hulu recommends you have.

Some people find that their streaming issues are extremely specific to a particular device. For example, maybe you've isolated the problem to know that Hulu isn't working when using your Fire TV Stick or when streaming on your Roku. If you find yourself in a similar situation, and you've completed troubleshooting steps like the ones outlined in those guides, you might need to simply buy a different/newer streaming device. This is especially the case if Hulu isn't streaming well from a smart TV, since manufacturers don't always release new updates to TVs as often as they do to dedicated streaming devices.

How to Fix Hulu Video With No Sound

Is Hulu displaying video, but there's no sound? This is most likely temporarily glitch with an easy solution, but it might also point to a deeper issue with your speakers.

  1. Restart your streaming device. There might be a software-related problem that can be cleared up with a simple reboot.

  2. Unplug and then reattach the cables connecting your streaming device to your TV/speakers, or the cables from your TV to an external speaker system.

  3. If audio doesn't work with any service, and not just Hulu, you'll need to troubleshoot this as a general audio issue.

    Here are some suggestions:

How to Fix It When Hulu Doesn't Let You Log In

Is your "streaming issue" really just an authentication problem? If you can't log in to Hulu, then you won't be able to stream any video or watch live TV.

  1. If you think you're already logged in, but it says you're not or that there's a crendentials problem, restart the device, turn the TV off/on, or refresh the web page if you're on a computer.

  2. Log in again if you were logged out. How you do this is different on every device, but it should be as simple as visiting or opening the app on your TV or mobile device.

  3. Reset your Hulu password if you're not sure what it is. There isn't a lot you can do with password-related problems aside from resetting the password.

    Hulu trouble accessing your account screen
  4. Deactivate the device from your Hulu account page, and then log back in. See Hulu's Manage Your Activated Devices page if you need help.

  5. Contact Hulu if you're still having password problems. There might be an issue with your account on their side that only they can address.

  • How do I fix Hulu subtitles?

    If subtitles aren't working on Hulu, you can try a few things to get them running again. First, try turning the option off and back on, and then close the app/website and restart or reload it. You should also check for an update for your app or streaming device, if applicable.

  • How do I fix Hulu error code p-dev320?

    Error code p-dev320 occurs alongside a network or connection problem. Try turning your device off for a minute to see if that helps; if not, check to see if your internet is working properly.

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