14 Ways to Fix Hulu Not Working on Apple TV

Make sure Hulu isn’t down, check your internet connection, and force-close the app

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When Hulu is not working on Apple TV, you may run into an error like one of these:

  • "App Unavailable" "The app is currently unavailable" "Try again later"
  • The Hulu app crashes repeatedly
  • The Hulu app doesn’t load when selected
  • Hulu opens, but thumbnails don’t load, or videos won’t play

These issues can occur when you first try to launch the Hulu app, when you attempt to start watching a video, or even in the middle of watching a TV show or movie.

Causes of Hulu Not Working on Apple TV

When Hulu doesn’t work on Apple TV, it can be due to:

  • Connectivity issues
  • Problems with the Apple TV device
  • A Hulu outage

Anything that prevents your Apple TV device from connecting to Hulu, including local network problems and internet connectivity issues, can cause this problem. Issues with your Hulu login credentials can also prevent Hulu from working on Apple TV as well.

How to Fix Hulu Not Working on Apple TV

If Hulu isn’t working on your Apple TV, try each of these fixes:

  1. Check to see if Hulu is down. If Hulu is down, you won’t be able to use the Hulu app on your Apple TV. The quickest way to check if it’s down is to contact the Hulu Support Twitter account, but you can also try to load Hulu on other devices, or check other social media sources.

  2. Force-quit the Hulu app. Try closing the Hulu app on your Apple TV, and then open it again. If the app isn’t loading right, this will sometimes fix the problem.

    To force quit an app on Apple TV: Press the Home button twice, select the Hulu app, then swipe up on the clickpad or touch surface of your remote.

  3. Try your other Apple TV apps. If you have any other streaming apps, try using them to see if they can stream. If the other apps work just fine, then you can suspect a problem with the Hulu service or Hulu app, or a conflict between the app and the Apple TV operating system.

    If the other apps don’t work, then your Apple TV probably has a connectivity issue. If they do work, then you can suspect an issue with the Hulu service, your login credentials, or the Hulu app.

  4. Test your internet connection. Using a speed test app on your phone, with your phone in close proximity to the Apple TV, check your internet speed. Hulu recommends at least 3 Mbps, so it may not work on slower connections or unstable connections.

    If your connection is slow, try to improve your internet speed, or improve your Wi-Fi signal.

  5. Verify the Apple TV is connected to the internet. Your Apple TV may not be connected even if other devices work just fine.

    To check if the Apple TV is connected: Navigate to Settings > Network, and look for the Connected message. If it doesn’t say Connected, you’ll need to reconnect the Apple TV to the internet.

    Try checking to make sure it’s connected to the right Wi-Fi network, or connect using an Ethernet cable if possible.

  6. Check your Apple TV’s connection. If the Apple TV does show it’s connected to the internet, you can check the connection speed directly on the device. If it’s too slow, then you’ll need to take steps to improve your internet speed.

    To test the internet on your Apple TV: Navigate to Settings > Network > Test Network > Yes, then select the download speed that you expect to see based on the speed of your internet.

  7. Restart your Apple TV. Restarting your Apple TV can fix a lot of problems, so that’s the next thing you should try. When the Apple TV has finished restarting, try to launch the Hulu app.

    To restart your Apple TV, navigate to Settings > System > Restart.

    If your Apple TV isn’t responding to your inputs, you can restart it by unplugging it, waiting at least five seconds, then plugging it back in. Since it doesn’t have a power switch, that’s the only way to shut it off manually.

  8. Verify your Hulu login credentials. Using your phone or computer, try to log into the Hulu website. If it doesn’t work, then check to make sure you’re using the right email and password. If it does work, then check to make sure that you’re using that same email and password to log into Hulu on your Apple TV.

  9. Check your Hulu subscription status. You can’t stream from the Hulu app without a valid subscription, so check to make sure that yours hasn’t expired.

    Navigate to the Hulu account page, and verify that an upcoming charge is listed. If there is no upcoming charge, that means you aren’t currently subscribed.

  10. Update the Hulu app. If the Hulu app is out of date, that can keep it from working.

    To update an app: Navigate to Settings > Apps, and make sure it’s set to Automatically Update Apps. You can also select Hulu from the list of apps and update it manually.

  11. Update the Apple TV. If the Apple TV operating system is out of date, that can cause various apps to stop working.

    To update your Apple TV: Navigate to Settings > System > Software Updates > Update Software. If prompted, select Download and Install.

  12. Restart your network hardware. If your Apple TV is having connectivity issues that you haven’t been able to fix yet, restarting your modem and router may allow it to reestablish a solid connection and start working again.

    To restart your network hardware: Unplug your router and modem, then wait at least 30 seconds. Then plug the modem back in, and wait for it to connect. Once it has connected to the internet, plug the router back in. Wait for the Wi-Fi network to come back up, then check Hulu on your Apple TV.

  13. Delete and reinstall the Hulu app. There may be an issue with the Hulu app on your Apple TV, in which case completely removing it and then reinstalling it may fix the problem.

    To delete an app from Apple TV: Navigate to Settings > General > Manage > Storage > Netflix > Delete. Then reinstall the app, log in, and check to see if it works.

  14. Factory reset your Apple TV. This process will delete everything from your Apple TV, so it should be your last resort. You’ll need to re-enter your network details, install operating system updates, download all of your apps, and sign into the apps after the reset.

    To factory reset your Apple TV: Navigate to Settings > System > Reset, then choose Reset or Reset and Update on newer Apple TVs, or Restore on older Apple TV devices

    The Reset and Update option automatically downloads and installs operating system updates, so it requires the Apple TV to be connected to the internet.

  • How do I turn on subtitles on Hulu on Apple TV?

    First, start playing a TV show or movie and pause the playback. Swipe up to select the text bubble icon, and then select an option other than Off to turn on subtitles.

  • How do I connect Hulu to the Apple TV app?

    Go to Settings > Apps > TV, and then select Hulu under the Connect to TV heading. Connecting Hulu to the Apple TV app lets you watch the next episode of a show or continue a program that's in progress from the Home screen.

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