How to Fix It When Hulu's Not Working on Roku

What to do when Hulu’s crashing or not loading

If you use a Roku streaming device or TV to stream Hulu, you might experience never-ending loading or crashing from time to time. These problems often stem from issues with outdated Roku system or Hulu app software.

While persistent crashing or unsuccessful loading are inconvenient, these behaviors are usually easy to resolve. The next time you run into these Hulu road bumps on your Roku device, try these fixes.

Why Isn't Hulu Loading?

This issue could originate from a faulty internet connection, so that's a helpful place to start, especially if you're experiencing similar problems with other apps on Roku.

Another possible problem could be your Roku no longer works with Hulu. Newer Roku streaming devices and TVs have the most current Hulu feature set and the most recent version of the Hulu app for Roku. If you have an older Roku model, you might not be able to launch or use Hulu after a certain point.

Your Roku device could also need to be updated to the latest Roku OS or require a system reset.

Why Does Hulu Keep Crashing on Roku?

Hulu crashing on Roku often happens because of an out-of-date or corrupted app. If you’re not experiencing issues with other channels and don't see any playback errors, that’s a sure sign the Hulu channel itself requires some attention. 

The easiest solution is to check for a Hulu channel update. If there’s no available update for the Hulu channel, it might be time to remove it and re-download it.

How Do I Reset Hulu on Roku?

To reset the Hulu app on your Roku device, locate the app and press the star button on your remote to reveal a menu of channel options. Choose Remove channel.

Then restart your Roku from Settings > System. After you’ve rebooted the system, reinstall the Hulu channel.

How to Fix Hulu on Roku When It Won’t Open or Load

If you’re unable to launch the Hulu app, or you can open it, but it won’t load or play content, try these troubleshooting solutions.

  1. Check your Roku network connection. Sometimes the Hulu app will get stuck loading if your internet connection is slow or down. Go to Settings > Network > Check connection to make sure you’re connected and the signal strength is adequate. If you’ve lost connectivity, troubleshoot your router.

  2. See if Hulu is down. Once you know there’s no connectivity issue on your end, see if the problem is a widespread Hulu issue. Hulu’s support account on Twitter or an app outage site can clarify whether it’s a bigger platform-wide problem.

  3. Update the Hulu channel. All Roku channels require updating periodically. You can visit Hulu’s support site to check for system-specific updates. You can also check manually from Roku by highlighting the Hulu app, pressing the star button on the remote, and selecting the Check for updates option.

  4. Remove the channel and reinstall it. If there’s no Hulu channel update or that step didn’t work, your best bet is to remove the app and restart your Roku to clear the device’s memory. After you’ve done so, you can install the channel and try again.

    Roku recommends as a best practice to always restart your Roku after deleting a problematic channel and before adding it back to your device.

  5. Check for a Roku system update. If your issue is only with the Hulu channel, this step might not make an impact, but it’s best to ensure your device is up to date. From Settings > System, check for a system update and install it if there is one.

  6. Double-check Roku device compatibility with Hulu. If you’ve had your Roku device for some time, it’s possible the Roku device no longer receives support from the newest Hulu app for Roku. Confirm which version of the app your model works with and whether you need any firmware updates to continue using it.

  7. Contact Hulu customer support. When none of the other solutions take, reach out to Hulu support for guidance. They may have been working on this issue with your relevant model, the Hulu app build, and the current firmware version. You can also provide them with a tracking code associated with the error by pressing the home button five times, followed by pressing the back button five times. This code might reveal more information about the specific loading or crashing issue you’re experiencing.

  • Has Hulu been removed from Roku?

    Hulu is still available for Roku, but only for supported Roku models. The latest Hulu app can run on the following Roku devices: Roku Ultra, Premiere and Premiere+, Express and Express+, Roku 3 and 4, Roku 2 model 4210X, Roku Streaming Stick (model 3500X or later), Roku TV, and 4K Roku TV. The older Hulu app, known as the "Classic Hulu app," will run on Roku 2 (model 2720X), Roku 1 (model 2710X), and Roku LT (model 2700X).

  • Why is Hulu not working on my computer?

    If you're having issues with Hulu on your computer, check your OS and browser versions and compare them to Hulu's system recommendations. Also, check your Wi-Fi connection, clear your browser cache, try a different browser, close and reopen your browser, or try using a private browsing mode. Make sure you've enabled JavaScript and cookies, and try rebooting your computer. Contact Hulu support if you're still having problems.

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