How to Fix the Green Line on an Android Phone

A restart might make it go away, but it's likely a hardware issue

Green lines are a fairly common problem with smartphones, and they’ve been seen on almost every brand available. When this problem occurs, you’ll typically see:

  • A screen that functions normally, but a thin green line runs all the way from the top to the bottom.
  • A flickering green line occasionally appearing.
  • A green line is accompanied by other colors, splotches, and black.

What Causes a Green Line on a Mobile Screen?

There are a lot of potential reasons for a green line appearing on a mobile screen. If the green line is accompanied by many other colors, and especially if you can see damage to the glass, the screen itself is probably cracked. If it’s just a single, thin green line that runs from top to bottom, some of the common causes include:

  • Loose display connector
  • Damaged display connector
  • Water or fall damage to the display
  • Incompatible app
  • Incorrect configuration

How to Fix a Green Line on Your Phone’s Screen

To fix the green line on your phone’s screen, try each of the methods listed below. If the green line doesn’t go away, your phone probably has a loose or damaged display connector, or it may have suffered fall or water damage. In that case, the best solution is to contact the manufacturer or a qualified Android repair technician.

Try these potential fixes if you have a green line on your phone screen:

  1. Restart your phone. Start by turning your phone off, and then turning it back on. Don't just turn off the screen, make sure to actually turn off the phone and restart it.

    This basic fix takes care of a lot of problems because it forces your phone to close everything down and start fresh. If the green line was caused by a temporary glitch in your phone’s software, restarting the phone will fix the problem.

  2. Restart your phone in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is a limited mode that prevents anything from launching on your phone aside from the essentials. This is a good way to see if you have a software problem. If the green line goes away in Safe Mode, then you know you have a problem with an app, a setting, or the operating system.

  3. Remove recent apps. If you’ve installed any apps recently, try uninstalling them. If the green line is caused by an incompatible or malfunctioning app, removing it may fix your problem. If you’ve made any settings changes recently, try undoing those changes as well.

  4. Update your phone. Check to see if your phone has any operating system updates available. If there’s a problem with your current version of Android, the update may fix your problem.

  5. Factory reset your phone. This is the last fix you should attempt before you send your phone in for repairs. It’s a drastic option, because it deletes all of the data on your phone, including photos, videos, and everything else, and installs a fresh version of Android.

    If the green line is caused by a software issue, the factory reset will fix the problem. If the green line remains, that means you’re dealing with a hardware failure.

    Before you perform a factory reset, make sure to back up your Android phone.

  6. Contact the manufacturer for further assistance. If your phone is still under warranty, the manufacturer may repair or replace the phone for free. If it isn’t, they’ll be able to provide you with information on how to have the phone repaired.

    If you didn’t already back up your phone, make sure to do so before you send it in for repairs.

  • How do I fix a black screen on an Android phone?

    To fix a black screen on an Android phone, ensure the buttons aren't jammed; restart the phone after a thorough cleaning. If it's still black, inspect and clean the charging port for debris. Let the charge die, recharge the battery, and then restart the phone. Also, try removing the stylus.

  • How do I fix an echo on an Android phone?

    If you're experiencing voice echoing on an Android, try turning off the device, waiting five minutes, and then turning it back on. If it's still echoing, turn the volume down and see if this helps. Check settings to see if your device has a built-in echo cancellation feature; enable it if so.

  • How do I fix dead pixels on an Android phone?

    To fix a dead pixel on your Android, try waiting to see if it resolves itself, or use a third-party tool like JScreenFix. If the dead pixels aren't getting any better, you may have to replace your screen.

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