How to Fix It When Google Maps Is Not Showing Alternate Routes

Make Google Maps show multiple routes to your destination

Google Maps not showing alternate routes? This article explains how to see multiple routes on Google Maps for Android, iPhone, and web browsers.

Why Is Google Maps Not Showing Alternate Routes?

Here are possible some reasons why Google Maps isn't showing alternate routes:

  • Your GPS is miscalibrated
  • Your internet connection is weak
  • Location services is disabled
  • Outdated app or cache files
  • Closed roads or traffic delays

How to Fix It When Google Maps Is Not Showing Alternate Routes

Try these steps in order until you see multiple route options:

Many of these steps are also general fixes for when Google Maps isn't working.

  1. Recalibrate your GPS for Google Maps. If your location marker is gray instead of blue, tap it, then tap Calibrate in the pop-up menu. Hold the device right-side-up and move your phone in a figure-eight motion three times to recalibrate the GPS, then tap Done.

    You can also improve the accuracy of the Google Maps compass by connecting to a Wi-Fi network or restarting your device.

    Gray location marker, Calibrate, and Done highlighted in Google Maps for Android

    Moving your phone in a figure-eight motion is a quick way to recalibrate your GPS for any app.

  2. Clear the app cache. The cache stores temporary data to help your apps run faster, but outdated information can cause conflicts. Find the app settings for Google Maps and choose to clear the cache. The process for clearing the cache on iPhone is a little different from Android. If using the web version of Google Maps, clear your browser cache.

  3. Troubleshoot your internet connection. Although you can use Google Maps offline, you need a stable internet connection to guarantee accurate directions. If your mobile data isn't working, switch to a Wi-Fi network if possible.

  4. Update the Google Maps app. In the Google Play Store, tap Menu > My apps & games > Updates > Update All. To update iOS apps, go to the App Store and tap Updates > Update All. Turn on automatic updates to make sure you always have the latest version of Google Maps.

    Checking for updates through the Google Play store on an Android
  5. Uninstall and reinstall the app. Reinstalling Google Maps can fix any bugs affecting the app. The steps for deleting an iOS app are different from deleting an app on Android.

  6. Turn on Location Services. Location Services is a feature that must be enabled so apps can access your device's GPS. You can manage Location Services for Windows in your Privacy settings.

How Do I Show Multiple Routes on Google Maps?

When you search for directions, Google Maps may present multiple ways to reach your destination. Alternate routes appear as gray lines on the map. Tap one of the gray lines to get directions. You can further customize your route on Google Maps by tapping and dragging along the blue line.

Follow these steps to filter route options in Google Maps:

  1. Search for your destination.

  2. Tap Directions.

  3. Tap the three dots next to your starting point.

    Destination Search, Directions, and Three dot menu highlight in Google Maps for Android
  4. Tap Route options.

  5. Choose from the options, then tap Apply.

    Route options and Apply highlighted in Google Maps Transit options

To add multiple destinations to your trip using the app, tap the three dots next to your starting point and select Add stop. In the browser version of Google Maps, select the Plus (+) below your destination.

  • How do I save routes on Google Maps?

    To save a route to your phone or tablet for access to directions offline, open the Google Maps app while you're connected to the internet. Search for or select your destination, then tap the address > three-dot menu > Download offline map.

  • How do I download routes on Google Maps?

    To download a map to use offline, open the Google Maps app for iOS or Android while you're connected to the internet. Search for a location, then tap the location's name and address. Tap More (three dots) > Download offline map > Download.

  • How do I create a route in Google Maps?

    To make a custom route, which is helpful when you're preplanning a trip and want to access directions offline, open Google Maps in a browser and select Menu (three lines) > Your Places > Untitled Map > Save. From the toolbar, select Add Directions, choose your mode of transit, and enter your departure point. Your directions will appear on the map.

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