How to Fix a 'Google Keeps Stopping' Error on Android

Most likely you are going to clear a cache and be on your way

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The “Google keeps stopping” error is a very common error on Android devices, and it can happen at any time—downloading a new app, reading a news post, or searching for something in Google. Fortunately, there are several possible ways to resolve this error.

This article is not about the Google Keep application. Instead, it focuses on how to fix the “Google keeps stopping” error, which has appeared on Android devices for years.

Why Google Keeps Stopping on Android

The exact reasoning behind why people receive the “Google keeps stopping” error varies, as it can pop up seemingly at any point when using an Android phone. Users have reported the error while searching the web, downloading new applications, playing games on their phones, and even while checking the weather. It seems this issue may be tied directly to the cache of data that the Google app relies on when you use it on your phone. This data is often used to help deliver content for searches, weather, and other functions while using the Google app.

Unfortunately, because many of Google’s services use the same cache, it’s extremely difficult to determine precisely which Google app is causing the error. The popup that appears also doesn’t offer any useful information on what the error was caused by, which means you’ll need to troubleshoot to figure out the exact cause.

How to Fix the 'Google Keeps Stopping' Error

When you find yourself dealing with this error, try these solutions:

The steps needed to fix this error on Android will work on all Android devices. However, the exact naming conventions of settings may vary depending on your phone’s manufacturer, and you may notice some minor differences in the approach based on your phone’s version of Android.

  1. Clear the Google app’s cache. The first step is to clear out the data cache that Google services use on your Android device. This can be done on Samsung phones, Google Pixels, and any other affected Android device by manually accessing the device’s settings and clearing out the cache.

  2. Force stop the app. If you notice errors when running a Google app, force-stop the app so your phone has to reopen it. Hopefully, this clears out any possible issues causing the “Google keeps stopping” error.

  3. Update Android. If you don’t keep a check on the latest Android updates, then you could end up seeing this error. Make sure you keep Android up to date by checking your phone’s operating system in its settings.

  4. Uninstall Google app updates. Sometimes system and app updates can introduce bugs that cause issues. If you’ve recently installed an update to your Google apps and notice this error more often, try uninstalling the updates to see if that resolves the issue.

  5. Factory reset your Android device. This option is a last resort, as you’ll need to set your phone up once again after you finish. But, if you’re unable to get the “Google keeps stopping” error to pop up, it may be the only way to clear things out and start fresh without any annoying errors bothering you.

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