How to Fix It When Fire Stick Is Stuck on Amazon Logo

Fixing an unresponsive Amazon Fire Stick device

This article explains how to fix issues with a Fire Stick stuck on the Amazon logo.

Causes of Stuck Amazon Logo Issues on Fire Stick

There are a lot of potential reasons a Fire Stick freezes on the Amazon logo. Most of the time, your Fire Stick freezing is a temporary glitch which can be resolved with a restart or by using a different HDMI port or TV.

If none of the fixes listed below work, there may be something wrong internally with your Fire Stick, and it may need to be replaced, as there aren't often easy ways to repair a defective Fire Stick.

How to Fix Fire Stick Stuck on the Amazon Logo

While it may be hard to quickly identify why your Fire Stick is frozen, there are a number of quick fixes you can try to get your Fire Stick unfrozen.

  1. Wait. It may not sound like much, but sometimes a frozen Fire Stick will eventually unfreeze itself if you give it some time. If this works but the problem comes back, you'll want to attempt other fixes.

  2. Restart your Fire Stick. With a Fire Stick, there isn't a dedicated power button, so to restart the device, disconnect the Fire Stick from your TV, wait 30 seconds, and plug it back in. This will power cycle your Fire Stick, and it can fix temporary issues.

  3. Use a different HDMI port. Sometimes, there can be a connection issue between your Fire Stick and your TV. Try changing what HDMI port your Fire Stick is plugged into and see if the problem persists.

  4. Try connecting your Fire Stick to a different TV. There may not be an issue with your Fire Stick, and instead, there could be an issue with your TV. Try using your Fire Stick with a different TV to see if the problem persists, and if it does, it's much more likely there's an issue with the Stick itself.

  5. Connect the Fire Stick directly to your TV. If you're using an HDMI adapter, extender, hub, or anything of the kind, disconnect your Fire Stick from this, and connect it directly to the TV. This will help to identify whether or not the problem is with your Fire Stick.

  6. Make sure your TV supports HDCP. Most TVs and devices support HDCP out-of-the-box, but if you're using a particularly old TV, you may not have support for the feature. This feature is required for the Amazon Fire Stick to work.

  7. Contact Amazon support. If all else fails, there may be a problem with your Fire Stick itself you can't fix with some troubleshooting tips. Make sure to tell the representative the steps you've taken to try and get your problem solved.

  • How do I set up Wi-Fi settings with a Fire Stick that's stuck searching for the remote?

    When you set up your Fire Stick, the remote should pair automatically. If this connection doesn't happen, run through the steps to initiate Fire Stick remote pairing. Unplug your Fire Stick > remove the batteries from the remote > plug the Fire Stick back in > reseat the batteries > and press and hold Home on the remote. If your Fire Stick doesn't connect to Wi-Fi after pairing the remote, check your Wi-Fi signal and network settings.

  • How do I fix a stuck Fire Stick remote that's not working?

    To fix a Fire Stick remote that stops working, first, check the battery placement or replace the batteries with a new set. Try repairing your remote: Reboot your Fire Stick > place the remote near the Fire Stick > and press Home for 10 seconds. Also, ensure that you remove obstructions and devices that could cause Bluetooth signal interference.

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