How to Fix It When Your Fire Stick Keeps Turning Off Your TV

Troubleshooting issues between the TV and Amazon Fire Stick

This article explains how to fix it when your Fire Stick keeps turning off your TV.

Causes of Fire Stick Turning Off Your TV

A Fire Stick causing your TV to turn off can be traced back to any number of problems from your TV, ports on your TV, your Fire Stick, or even an HDMI adapter or extension cable you might use with your Fire Stick. As such, there isn't an easy way to know what's causing the problem without troubleshooting.

Though, most of the time your Fire Stick TV turning off your TV is a temporary glitch that can be resolved easily regardless of the specific cause.

How to Fix Fire Stick Turning Off Your TV

You might not be able to immediately figure out what's causing this kind of problem, but the steps you can take to address it aren't too involved and can be done in a couple of minutes.

  1. Try using your Fire Stick with a different TV. If the TV is still turning off then there's likely an incorrect setting on the Fire Stick.

  2. Try using a different HDMI port on your TV. The problem may not be with your TV but rather a specific port on your TV. Try connecting your Fire Stick to another HDMI port, and check to see if the problem persists.

  3. Connect your Fire Stick directly to your TV. If you're using any kind of HDMI adapter, extender, or any similar kind of in-between device or cable, connect your Fire Stick directly to your TV; then, check to see if the problem persists.

  4. Restart your Fire Stick. By power cycling your Fire Stick, you can effectively restart it. Unplug your Fire Stick from your TV, wait 30 seconds, and reconnect it. This can solve all kinds of temporary glitches.

  5. Check to see if your TV supports HDCP. Fire Sticks require HDCP to work, and if you're connecting it to a TV that doesn't support HDCP, though the majority do, you might experience strange issues like your TV turning off when the Fire Stick is connected.

  6. Reset your Fire Stick. If you can connect your Fire Stick to another TV or monitor and get it to turn on, try resetting your device. Once reset, reconnect it to your original TV, and check to see if the problem persists.

  7. Contact Amazon support. If none of the steps listed address the issue, there may be something wrong with the TVs you're using your Fire Stick on or with your Fire Stick itself. Amazon support will be able to help you determine where the problem lies.

  • How do you turn off a Fire Stick?

    Fire Sticks don't have their own power, so you can't turn them off themselves. When you turn off the TV that your Fire Stick is connected to, your Fire Stick will also power down.

  • How do you turn off Fire Stick to go back to watching TV?

    As mentioned before, you can't 'turn off' a Fire Stick as the device doesn't have its own power source. When you're done with Fire Stick, switch inputs on your TV to use whatever you'd like to use with your TV next.

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