What to Do When Facebook Isn't Sending Security Codes

7 ways to get a confirmation code for your FB account

When Facebook won’t send security codes, you will typically see a message similar to one of these:

  • Please check your email for a message with your code.
  • Please check your phone for a message with your code.
  • An error has occurred, please try again.
  • Sorry, something went wrong.
  • Could not send a confirmation SMS. Please check the phone number and try again.
  • You have requested too many SMS codes. You will have to wait for another 24 hours to get another code.

Why Won’t Facebook Send Me a Code?

There are a lot of underlying causes preventing Facebook from sending a security code, or prevent you from receiving the code.

If you see a message telling you to check your email or phone, but you never receive the code, it’s usually a configuration issue, a problem with your email, or a problem with your phone.

If you see a message saying you have requested too many codes, that means you’ve been locked out of the system and will need to wait 24 hours to request another code.

In the meantime, you should make sure your email and text messaging are working and that the codes weren’t sent to your spam folder.

If Facebook isn’t sending you your security code, try these fixes:

  1. Check your Facebook two-factor settings. If you are able to log into Facebook on your phone, start by making sure that you actually have two-factor authentication set up.

  2. Receive the code via email. If you've been trying to receive the code via SMS and haven't tried to get it via email yet, see if Facebook will email you the code.

    Attempt to log into Facebook, and click Resend when it asks for a code. If you don’t receive the code, click Need another way to authenticate?, and enter the email that’s associated with your Facebook account.

  3. Check your spam folder. If you requested a code via email and didn’t receive it, open your email app and check the spam folder. If you’ve ever accidentally marked an email from Facebook as spam, future emails may be sent directly to the spam folder.

    If you requested a code via text message, check the contacts on your phone and make sure you haven’t blocked any numbers that could be Facebook.

  4. Check your internet connection. Make sure you’re connected to the internet, and that you can send and receive email and texts. If you’re using a phone, turn on Wi-Fi and cellular data, and make sure you have a strong enough signal. If you don’t, your phone won’t receive email or texts until you enter an area that has better service.

  5. Restart your phone. There may be an issue with your phone that is causing the Facebook app to malfunction or preventing you from receiving text messages. Fully shut down your phone, turn it on again, and then check your text messages and email before you send another code request. Restarting your device depends on your platform: iOS (Restart your iPhone), or Android (Restart your Android device).

  6. Clear the Facebook app data cache. The Facebook apps data cache may be full or corrupt, in which case clearing it out could fix the problem.

  7. Contact Facebook support. If you still can’t receive your security code, contact Facebook support for additional help. You can recover your Facebook account if you can’t log in with their assistance.

  • Why do I keep getting asked for my Facebook security code?

    Facebook might ask for a security code when you log in from a new browser. If you frequently see the security code message, someone else may be trying to access your account.

  • How can I prevent my Facebook account from being hacked?

    To keep your Facebook from getting hacked, enable two-factor authentication. Use Facebook's Security Checkup feature for additional security.

  • How long do Facebook security codes last?

    Security codes from Facebook are valid for 15 minutes. If it's been longer than that, you'll need to request a new code.

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