How to Fix It When Disney Plus Is Not Working on Roku

Troubleshooting Disney+ streaming issues

If you're trying to watch a show or movie on Disney Plus, but the streaming service isn't working on your Roku, it can spell disaster. Fortunately, getting it working again is usually quick and easy. Here are a few different ways to fix Disney Plus Not working on Roku.

Is My Roku Too Old for Disney Plus?

If you run into trouble when trying to add the Disney Plus channel to your Roku, it could be that your Roku is too old to support it. Disney maintains a list of Disney Plus compatible Roku devices on its support site. Confirm your device works with Disney+ before diving into more specific fixes.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Roku

If Disney Plus has worked before on your Roku and has suddenly stopped doing so now, try some of these potential fixes.

  1. Check for channel updates: It might be that you just need to update the Disney+ channel to the latest version before using it. Highlight the channel, press the star button > Check for updates.

  2. Update your Roku: Try updating the main Roku software from the settings menu to see if that fixes the Disney Plus not working on Roku issue. Select Home>Settings>System>System update>Check now.

  3. Remove the Disney Plus channel and add it again: Try deleting the Disney Plus channel from your Roku and then adding it again (see the Remove From Your Roku section). You'll need to sign in to the channel if you get it working again, too, so have your login details handy.

  4. Reboot your Roku device: Try turning off your Roku by removing it and the power cable from your TV.

  5. Go straight to your TV: If you plug your Roku into an external A/V system, try plugging it straight into your TV instead.

  6. Reboot your router: It may be that your internet connection is on the fritz. Try restarting your router.

  7. Reset your Roku to factory settings: You'll want to check Disney Plus is working in general before this step (see below) but this is a good final step if you can't get the channel to work. You'll need to reinstall everything, though.

  8. Contact Roku customer support: If in doubt, give Roku a shout and see if its support team can help you further.

Is Disney Plus Working on Roku?

If Disney Plus won't work on your Roku, no matter what you do, there is one other thing to check. Use a service like DownDetector to see if the Disney Plus service is down globally or in your region. It's unlikely, but services do sometimes suffer significant outages, and that could be the reason your Disney Plus isn't working on your Roku.

  • Why is Disney Plus not working on my Fire Stick?

    You may have internet issues, the Disney Plus app may need an update, or your Fire Stick might have a glitch. First, make sure your Fire Stick supports 4K playback and verify that Disney Plus isn't down. To fix Disney Plus not working on a Fire Stick, try logging out of Disney Plus and logging back in, make sure you don't have any child settings active, check your internet connection, restart your router and Fire Stick, update the Fire Stick, and try deleting other apps to free up space.

  • Why is YouTube not working on Roku?

    You may have internet issues, YouTube account problems, or problems with your Roku. First, check if YouTube is down. To fix YouTube not working on Roku, make sure you have a strong internet connection and your Roku device is connected. Restart your Roku, uninstall and re-add the YouTube channel on your Roku, check your YouTube login info, or try updating your Roku's firmware.

  • Why is Netflix not working on Roku?

    There could be a problem with the Netflix service, your internet, or your Roku device. To fix Netflix not working on Roku, make sure there's no problem with Netflix. Ensure the Roku is connected to your TV correctly, make sure your Wi-Fi network is working, restart your Roku device, update the Roku app on your mobile device, pair the Roku remote, or reset your Roku.

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