How to Fix It When Disney Plus Is Not Working on Fire Stick

Stop Disney+ from crashing on an Amazon Fire Stick

This guide will walk you through all of the best solutions for fixing the Disney Plus app on a Fire Stick. We'll cover problems such as media not playing as it should, the app crashing, and frequent streaming service connection bugs.

The tips and solutions on this page apply specifically to the Disney Plus app for Amazon Fire Stick streaming sticks. Problems with the Disney Plus app on other devices may require alternative solutions.

Why Is Disney Plus Not Working on My Fire Stick?

The most common reasons for the Disney Plus app not working on your Fire Stick involve issues with the streaming service itself, internet connection problems, or the Fire Stick needing a restart. There may also be problems with the Disney Plus app itself stopping the service from working as it should.

How to Fix Disney Plus Not Working on Your Fire Stick

Work through the fixes below in order, as they’re organized from fastest and easiest to more complex solutions.

  1. Check if Disney Plus is down. The first thing you should try is a quick check to make sure the Disney Plus streaming service isn’t experiencing any issues. If it is, the best thing to do is to wait for it to come back online.

  2. Does your Fire Stick support 4K playback? To view 4K content on Disney Plus, you’ll need to have a Fire Stick model that supports this feature. Not all Fire Sticks have 4K functionality.

    If your Fire Stick doesn’t support 4K, see if you can download the Disney Plus app on the 4K TV itself. Another option is to use Disney Plus on a 4K-enabled gaming console like an Xbox Series X or PS5.

  3. Check the Disney Plus child settings. If you’re having trouble finding specific content on Disney Plus, you may be using a controlled profile that often hides mature or controversial films and TV episodes.

  4. Log out of Disney Plus and log in again. Errors can often be fixed by logging out and then back in. Make sure you’re using the correct login details. Your Disney Plus account information is completely separate from your Amazon account. The email address and password may be completely different.

  5. Check your internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to open another media streaming app on the Fire Stick such as YouTube or Netflix. Disney Plus needs an active connection to work.

  6. Restart your internet router. If your internet is too slow to stream Disney Plus content, restarting your router or modem can often reset the connection and increase the speed.

  7. Restart your Fire Stick. On your Fire Stick remote, press Select and Play until your streaming stick turns off and restarts. Once the process completes, try using Disney Plus again.

  8. Update the Fire Stick itself and any installed apps. Your Fire Stick or Disney Plus app may need an important update to run properly.

  9. Clear the cache on your Fire Stick. This process can make the Fire Stick and its apps run faster.

  10. Delete other Fire Stick apps. If the Disney Plus app keeps crashing on your Amazon Fire Stick, try deleting other apps or files to free up space. Sometimes a lack of memory can cause Fire Stick apps to freeze, crash, or not run as smoothly as they otherwise would.

  11. Uninstall Disney Plus and reinstall it. Removing the app from your Fire Stick and then downloading it again can fix problems caused by a corrupted app download.

    Deleting the app will not delete your Disney Plus account and associated preferences which are both securely stored in the cloud, but you will need to log in again.

  12. Restore your Fire Stick to factory settings. If none of the above solutions got the Disney Plus Fire Stick app working properly, you may need to restore your Fire Stick to its original state. This will delete all content from the streaming stick and return it to the way you found it when you originally set it up.

Does Amazon Fire Stick Work With Disney Plus?

Yes. There is an official Disney Plus app for Amazon Fire Stick streaming sticks that can be downloaded for free via the regular Fire Stick app store. It may even already be pre-installed on your Fire Stick.

An internet connection and an active Disney Plus subscription is required for using Disney Plus on a Fire Stick and all other supported devices.

Why Is My Disney Plus Not Loading Movies and Episodes When I'm Offline?

While the Disney Plus iOS and Android apps can download shows and films for offline viewing or when on a slow internet connection, the Fire Stick app doesn’t support this functionality.

  • Why is Disney Plus not working on a Roku?

    If Disney Plus isn't working on your Roku, the app may need an update, you may have connectivity issues, or Disney Plus may be down. To fix Disney Plus not working on a Roku, check for updates for the Disney Plus app, see if your Roku itself needs an update, try plugging your Roku device directly into your TV, reboot your Roku, or remove and re-add the Disney Plus channel app.

  • Why is my Fire Stick not working?

    If your Fire Stick isn't responding, you may have connectivity issues, the device may be undergoing a long loading process, the batteries in your remote might be dead, or an app may be malfunctioning. To fix a non-responsive Fire Stick, try restarting the Fire TV Stick, check your remote and Wi-Fi signal, check the HDMI connection, remove an unresponsive app, or consider updating or factory resetting the Fire TV Stick.

  • Why is Mobdro not working on my Fire Stick?

    If the Mobdro streaming application isn't working on your Fire Stick, there may be connectivity problems or an issue with the Mobdro app. Try refreshing or reinstalling the Mobdro app, If that doesn't work, try rebooting your device and check your Wi-Fi signal.

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