9 Ways to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42

Two quick fixes to begin: Be sure your own internet is working and try restarting your device

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Seeing a message like this on Disney Plus? We’re sorry; we’re having trouble connecting you to the service. Please check to see that you are still connected to the internet and try again (Error Code 42).

It's frustrating but there are often solutions you can try to get back to your show.

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 42?

If you encounter error 42 on Disney Plus, your device is having trouble connecting with Disney's servers. There could be a few reasons on both sides why this happens:

  • Problems with your streaming device
  • Problems with your internet connection
  • Your internet connection is too slow.
  • Disney's servers are overwhelmed.

The Disney Plus servers can get overloaded when too many people are watching at once, like when a new episode of a popular show drops. If you're trying to watch Disney Plus in 4K, your internet connection may not be fast enough to stream in Ultra HD. Sometimes, you just have to wait for Disney's team to fix the issue.

Sometimes, though, there are issues on your side that you can quickly fix to get back to your show.

This error is associated with a variety of streaming devices, including Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Blu-ray Disc players, smart televisions, and game consoles.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 42

Follow each step below in order until Disney Plus is working properly:

Since error code 42 can occur on many different devices, some troubleshooting steps may not apply to your specific device.

  1. Confirm your own internet connection is working. If it's not, try these troubleshooting steps to get back online.

  2. Restart your streaming device. Turn off the device you're trying to stream Disney Plus on and unplug it. Wait a few seconds, and then plug it back in. As with restarting a computer when there's a problem, this will clear out any stored data that could be interfering with the Disney Plus app.

    Try connecting to Disney Plus on different devices to determine if the issue lies with your internet connection or a specific device.

  3. Sign out of Disney Plus. If you can log in to Disney Plus, but you get error code 42 when you try to watch something, open your Disney Plus account settings in a web browser and choose the option to Log out all devices. You'll then need to sign in again on each device.

  4. Reset your router and modem. Power cycling your router and modem can resolve problems with your Wi-Fi connection. Leave the network hardware unplugged for 30 seconds, then plug the modem back in before reconnecting the router.

  5. Test your internet speed. Make sure your internet connection meets the minimum speed requirement for streaming video. If your connection speed is adequate, yet you're still having issues, try disconnecting other devices on your Wi-Fi network that might be hogging bandwidth.

  6. Clear the browser cache. Most browsers save temporary files from websites to help them load faster upon repeat visits, but these files can occasionally get corrupted. If you’re streaming on a web browser, clearing the cache can delete data that might interfere with Disney Plus.

  7. Update your router's firmware. Make sure your Wi-Fi router is running the most recent version of the firmware. Keeping the router's operating system up-to-date helps ensure that you get the internet speed you're paying for.

  8. Change your DNS server settings. Your internet service provider (ISP) assigns all of the devices on your network a default DNS server that translates hostnames to IP addresses. There are dozens of free and public DNS servers you can switch to that might provide better connections.

  9. Reinstall the Disney Plus app. If your internet connection is strong, and all other apps on your streaming device work just fine, you can uninstall Disney Plus and then reinstall it as a last resort. Reinstalling the app can resolve many errors that prevent Disney Plus from working.

  • How much does a Disney Plus subscription cost?

    As of October 2022, a Disney Plus subscription costs $7.99/month (USD) or $79.99/year.

  • How many people can watch Disney Plus at once?

    Disney Plus allows you to stream to four devices simultaneously. If you try to stream to more than four devices at once, you'll see Error Code 75. To clear this code, stop streaming on one of your devices.

  • How do you cancel Disney Plus?

    If you signed up for a Disney Plus subscription via the web, you would cancel it via the official Disney Plus website. If you subscribed to Disney Plus on an iOS device such as an iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV, you’d need to cancel your Disney Plus service through your Apple account settings. Cancel a subscription on an Android device through the Google Play app store.

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