How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 41

Can't watch the video you want to? Here's how to fix it

On the Disney Plus streaming service, error code 41 is a rights management code that indicates the content you are trying to stream is not available from the Disney Plus servers. To fix this error code, you need to address any possible connectivity issues or, if that doesn't help, wait for Disney to fix the problem.

This code is designed to appear when a subscriber uses an old link or outdated app to access unavailable content, but it can also show up due to server overload and connectivity issues.

A woman views Disney Plus error code 41 on her laptop when trying to watch a movie.
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What Does Disney Plus Error Code 41 Look Like?

When this error occurs, you will typically see this error message:

  • We’re sorry, but we cannot play the video you requested. Please try again. If the problem persists, visit the Disney+ Help Center (Error Code 41).

What Causes Disney Plus Error Code 41?

Disney Plus error code 41 is a rights management code. That means it is designed to show up when the subscriber attempts to view content that isn't available on Disney's servers or that Disney no longer has the rights to stream. If licensing rights cause a show or movie to be removed from the service, either permanently or temporarily, error code 41 will appear.

In addition to its intended use, error code 41 will also appear when other problems lead to the web player or app getting the message that the content you are trying to stream isn't available. This can be caused by server overload, connectivity issues, and also problems with the Disney Plus servers.

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 41

If you're experiencing Error Code 41, try running through these troubleshooting steps to clear the error and get back to watching your Disney+ shows.

  1. Try playing the video again. In some cases, a momentary glitch can cause the Disney Plus app or web player to fail due to a rights management issue. When that happens, simply refreshing or reloading the video will cause it to play just fine.

  2. Try playing a different video. If other movies and shows play just fine, then there may actually be a rights management problem with the thing you were trying to watch. Contact Disney Plus customer service to make sure there wasn't an accident, and ask if or when the content you were trying to watch is scheduled to return.

  3. Try a different streaming device. If you're streaming on your phone, try the web player on your computer. If you're using the web player, check to see if you have the same problem on your phone or a television streaming device.

  4. Test your internet connection. Check your network connection status to see if it's working on the device you are using to stream. Try to visit some web pages or stream with a different service or app. Then test your internet speed to make sure it's fast enough.

    Disney Plus requires the following speeds:

    • High Definition content: 5.0+ Mbps
    • 4K UHD content: 25.0+ Mbps
  5. Restart your router and modem. Most connectivity issues can be solved by restarting network components like your router and modem. To accomplish this, you will need to unplug your modem and router from power, leave them unplugged for a while, then plug everything back in to restart your network hardware.

  6. Reset or restart your streaming device. If you're trying to view Disney Plus using the web player, then restart your computer. If you're using your phone, fully shut down your phone and restart it. If you're using a television streaming device, you may be able to restart it through a menu option, but some of these devices have to be unplugged to initiate a restart.

  7. Delete and reinstall the Disney+ app. If you're trying to stream with your phone or a television streaming device, try deleting the Disney+ app. Then download it and install it again. This will remove any potentially corrupt data and also force you to log back into the app, which are both things that can potentially fix error code 41.

  8. Check for Disney Plus outages. If Disney Plus still doesn't work, and you're still seeing error code 41, there may be an issue with Disney's servers. At this point, you should check to see if Disney Plus is down. You can also check social media like Twitter and Reddit to see if other people are complaining about the same problem.

    If Disney Plus is experiencing issues due to excessive traffic, all you can do is wait for it to die down. The same is true if Disney is having trouble with its servers. If you don't see any signs of the service being down, then consider contacting Disney Plus customer service to make sure they are aware of the problem.

  • How do I cancel my Disney Plus subscription?

    To cancel your Disney Plus subscription, go to and find your profile picture. Select Account > Payment details > Cancel subscription

  • How do you fix the Disney Plus error code 73?

    Error code 73 is a region error code. It indicates you’re trying to watch Disney Plus in a region in which the service isn’t available. There are several fixes for the Error Code 73, including turning off your computer’s location services. 

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