How to Fix It When Discovery Plus Keeps Freezing

Fix those streaming glitches

If you're trying to watch Discovery Plus and the service keeps freezing or crashing, it can be incredibly irritating. These issues could be due to a problem on your end or with the Discovery Plus servers. It's helpful to know where the problem lies. Here's how to get Discovery Plus working correctly again.

What Causes Discovery Plus to Freeze or Crash?

There are multiple reasons why Discovery Plus keeps freezing. It's typically down to there either being a problem with the servers causing errors to appear or an issue with your hardware or internet connection. 

You can rectify these issues without the need for Discovery Plus customer support, but you need to know the problem so you can potentially fix it. Before considering contacting customer support, it's worth narrowing things down to the specific problem you're dealing with:

  • Discovery Plus constantly freezes. If you can't use the service in any way, it's likely a hardware issue on your end. 
  • Discovery Plus occasionally freezes or crashes. It can be either due to a hardware issue, internet connection problem, or a Discovery Plus server issue. 
  • Discovery Plus freezes or crashes once. This issue is unlikely to be anything significant and is very likely to fix itself. The cause is usually a temporary server or internet connection issue.
  • Discovery Plus is fuzzy or keeps buffering and freezing. This problem is often due to an internet speed issue and usually rectifies itself after a minute or two. If it lasts longer, though, it's time to troubleshoot. 

Troubleshoot When Discovery Plus Keeps Freezing

If Discovery Plus continues to freeze or crash, try these troubleshooting tips to get it back up and running:

These troubleshooting tips cover using Discovery Plus via your web browser and apps, so if one doesn't apply to you, skip ahead to the next idea.

  1. Check if Discovery Plus is down for everyone or just you. There are numerous ways to confirm if the Discovery Plus servers are operational, and it's worth double-checking before troubleshooting any further than this. 

  2. Close the Discovery Plus app and reopen it. Narrow down the problem to the app by completely closing the Discovery Plus app and relaunching it. Doing this fixes the issue often. iPhone and Android have different ways of closing apps. 

  3. Sign out and back into Discovery Plus. Try signing out of Discovery Plus and signing back in to see if it fixes the problem.

  4. Restart your Android or iPhone. If you're trying to watch Discovery Plus on your smartphone, restart it to see if the issue was with your phone rather than Discovery Plus. 

  5. Clear your browser cache. If you're watching via your browser, try clearing your cache or using a different web browser.

  6. Disable your ad-blocker or VPN. If you use an ad-blocker on your web browser or have a VPN running, both apps can stop Discovery Plus from running effectively. Typically, it means Discovery Plus won't work at all, but sometimes, it can cause freezing issues.

  7. Try using Discovery Plus on a different device. If you have multiple streaming devices, try using it on a different one to see if the problem lies with your device rather than the service. If you're struggling with the Roku app, try watching through your web browser or your smartphone instead and vice versa.

  8. Reinstall the app. Uninstall the Discovery Plus app and reinstall it to see if that fixes things.

  9. Reboot your router. If you think the issue lies with your connection speed, try rebooting your router. Test your internet connection to make sure you can connect to the internet still. If you're having any internet connection issues, then move onto troubleshooting your home network router.

  10. Wait it out. Some issues fix themselves, which is frustrating at the time but valuable too. Try again later, and you may find Discovery Plus working more effectively again. 

  11. Contact customer services. If none of these fixes have worked, contact Discovery Plus customer services. Make sure to provide them with information on what you were trying to watch, the device you're using, and the version of the app you're currently using. 


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