How to Fix Discovery Plus Fallback Error Code

Correct the Fallback issue

It's frustrating when Discovery Plus keeps leading to a confusing sounding Fallback Error Code. To get help troubleshooting a fallback error code in Discovery Plus, you need to figure out the cause. Here's how to get Discovery Plus working again and how to fix the Discovery Plus Fallback Error Code. 

What Causes Discovery Plus Fallback Error Code?

A Discovery Plus Fallback Error Code occurs when Discovery Plus can't find the video you're trying to access on the server, so it tries to play the next video in the queue, i.e., falling back on earlier plans. It's effectively the same issue as when you get an Error Code 504, meaning that the server has failed to communicate with your system. 

Error Code 504 isn't exclusive to Discovery Plus, and neither is the Fallback Error, although you won't see it described in the same way elsewhere. It indicates a Gateway Timeout Error which means there's a problem with the connection between you and the server - in this case, Discovery Plus. Here's a brief look at what may be occurring when you receive such an error message:

  • Your internet connection is unstable or down. If your internet connection is unreliable, you may receive this error message to show a problem with communicating with the servers.
  • The Discovery Plus servers are down. If the service's servers are down, you'll receive this error message to show that there's a problem with communication between your system and the Discovery Plus servers.

Troubleshoot When Discovery Plus Shows Fallback Error Code

If you keep getting the Fallback Error Code when you're trying to watch Discovery Plus, try these troubleshooting tips to get back up and running. 

It's possible to watch Discovery Plus through your web browser as well as through apps and streaming devices, so these fixes cover all eventualities. If one doesn't apply to you, skip the step and move onto the next one. 

  1. Wait it out. Like with Error Code 504, a Fallback Error Code will often fix itself. It's worth being patient rather than try to troubleshoot it on your end.

  2. Check if Discovery Plus is down for just you or everyone. If Discovery Plus is down for everyone, there's nothing you can do but wait for it to be solved. If it's down for you, though, it's worth continuing to troubleshoot the problem.

  3. Retry connecting to the service by refreshing the web browser. You can fix some temporary Fallback Error Codes by refreshing or restarting your web browser. It's a quick fix to try.

  4. Clear your browser cache. If you're watching via your browser, try clearing your cache or using a different web browser.

  5. Close the Discovery Plus app completely, then reopen it. If you're using the Discovery Plus app, try completely closing it then reopening it to fix any temporary issues. Remember to close iPhone apps fully and close any Android apps fully, too, rather than simply leaving the app.

  6. Sign out and back into Discovery Plus. Try signing out of your Discovery Plus account then signing back in. Sometimes, this can help.

  7. Reboot your router. Temporary problems with your modem or router can cause a Fallback Error Code. Restart your devices to confirm this. Test your internet connection to make sure you can connect to the internet. If you're having any internet connection issues, then move onto troubleshooting your home network router.

  8. Restart your streaming device. If you're using a streaming device, there are different ways to reset them. Here's how to reset a Fire Stick along with how to reset a Roku box and reboot an Apple TV.

  9. Check your proxy server settings are correct if you have a proxy setup. Most computers don't have proxy settings set up, so if yours are empty, skip this step without worrying.

  10. Disable your VPN and ad-blocker. Using a VPN or ad-blocker can disrupt Discovery Plus. Disable them before trying to use the service.

  11. Try a different DNS server. It's best to do this only if you feel confident. Try using different DNS settings as a Fallback Error code may be due to a DNS problem rather than anything to do with your setup or Discovery Plus itself.

  12. Contact customer Discovery Plus services. If none of these fixes have worked and you keep getting a Fallback Error Code, contact Discovery Plus customer services. Make sure to provide them with information on what you were trying to watch, the device you're using, and the version of the app you're currently using.

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