How to Fix It When Discord's Audio Keeps Cutting Out

First, fully plug in your mic and check that your audio levels aren't too low

When it comes to using audio with an online service, you end up with a lot of variables. Any one of which could be the cause of the audio issues. This article steps you through possible solutions to these problems.

Causes of Discord Audio Problems

The way an audio problem sounds can help you figure out what’s causing it. If you can’t listen to your own audio, pay attention to what other people are saying.

  • Static may be caused by a bad connection. Make sure your microphone cable is fully plugged in. If your cable is creating static as it moves, there may be broken wires inside. You can replace the cable or secure it with tape to prevent movement.
  • Quiet audio may require you to increase the input volume.
  • Voice cutting out or interference could be caused by changes in Discord's code, settings, latency, or even something else. We may not figure out what causes this sort of nonspecific audio problem, but we can help you fix it.

How to Fix Discord Audio on your Computer

Discord is similar across most platforms, so these troubleshooting steps will apply to computers running Windows 7 or higher, as well as macOS and Linux.

  1. Update Discord. You can check for updates by entering Ctrl+R, or CMD+R.

  2. Reboot your computer. Even if you didn't change anything yet, it's a good idea to restart your computer before you begin troubleshooting.

  3. Double-check your microphone's connection. Test it in every USB port or audio input. Make sure it's forming a good physical connection.

  4. Check your Input Device. If your voice sounds far away or quiet, your computer could be using a microphone from a device you didn't intend, like a webcam or a headset. Make sure Discord is using the microphone you prefer.

  5. Test your microphone. Make sure the problem is limited to Discord.

  6. Increase your microphone volume. If your audio is consistent but quiet, increase the microphone input in your Windows settings.

  7. Turn off Push to Talk. If people keep missing the first or last thing you said whenever you talk, it could be caused by latency from push-to-talk.

  8. Change your Volume Settings. If you have a soft voice, increase the sensitivity.

  9. Reset Voice Settings. Even if you didn't change any settings, this may fix the problem.

  10. Turn off Krisp noise suppression. Krisp is AI software that filters out background noise, but it may be filtering out your voice. You'll find Krisp in the Advanced section of the Voice & Video settings, mentioned in the previous steps.

  11. Turn off Echo Cancellation. This feature mutes your microphone when it detects an echo, so it may interfere with your voice. Echo Cancellation is in the Voice Processing section of the Voice & Video settings.

    You can prevent echoes by keeping your microphone away from your speakers and wearing headphones.

  12. Disable Discord's high packet priority. You'll find this option a little further down under Quality of Service.

  13. Update your computer. There's always a small chance a bug in your computer's operating system is stopping your mic from working with Discord. An update could resolve the issue. Also, it's a good idea to keep your OS up to date.

  14. Update your drivers. Your devices need updates just like software and operating systems do.

  15. Uninstall and reinstall Discord. If you keep having problems with Discord's audio, try a fresh download of the program. You can even use the beta version of Discord if you want to try the newest code.

  16. Submit a support request. Describe your problem and tell Discord's support team what you tried.

Discord has additional troubleshooting steps specific to each operating system.

  • How do I fix Discord not opening?

    To fix it when Discord won't open, you should first try the web or app version (whichever one you haven't attempted yet). If that doesn't work, you can also turn off your VPN/firewall, check for updates to the app or your computer, or delete temporary files that might be affecting your computer's performance.

  • How do I fix it when the Discord installation fails?

    When Discord won't install, try restarting your computer and trying again. Additionally, check for updates to your operating system and drivers, and run a malware scan.

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