How to Fix It When a PS5 Won't Take, Read, or Eject a Disc

Fix those disc errors

If your PlayStation 5 won't take, read, or eject a disc, it can be a huge problem. Whether it's a matter of PS5 not reading disc, or an issue with disc stuck in PS5, it's very inconvenient but it doesn't have to be a permanent problem. Here's how to get your PS5 working properly again.

What Causes a PS5 to Not Take, Read, or Eject a Disc?

When a PS5 has trouble handling discs, it's usually due to a problem with the physical hardware, the console firmware, or a damaged disc. This issue can relate to both game discs and Blu-ray or DVD discs. The disc drive mechanism may be broken, the disc sensor or eject button may have issues, or there may be a bug in the firmware that's preventing the system from accepting, reading, or ejecting discs. 

Many of these issues can be fixed at home, but there are certain cases where the PS5 console needs to be professionally repaired by Sony, or may even be beyond repair. 

Before reaching that stage, it's worth narrowing things down to the specific problem you're dealing with:

  • PS5 won't accept discs. This problem often happens either when there's already a disc in the console, when the disc you're trying to insert is dirty or damaged, or the system doesn't recognize that you're trying to insert a disc.
  • PS5 won't read discs. This can be because the disc drive is damaged, a firmware issue, or because you've inserted a dirty or damaged disc.
  • PS5 won't eject discs. This problem is frequently caused by a damaged ejection mechanism, dirty or contaminated components, or because of a firmware issue. 

Troubleshoot When a PS5 Can't Take, Read, or Eject a Disc

If your PS5 can't use a disc correctly, try these troubleshooting tips to get it back up and running:


There are many different disc issues that you can run into. If the step doesn't relate to your problem, skip it and move onto the next one.

  1. Check a disc isn't already inserted. If you cannot insert a disc into your system, try pushing the eject button on the front of your console. A game or movie disc may already be inserted, either because you forgot about it or someone else has been using your console.

  2. Reboot your PS5. Like with computers, sometimes a simple reboot can fix many issues on your PS5. Try restarting it and see if the console can take, read, and eject discs again. 


    Try unplugging the console for 30 minutes to perform a hard reboot. 

  3. Try ejecting the game disc via the software. If you know what disc it is, go to the PS5 dashboard, press the Options button on the icon and scroll down to Eject Disc to pop the disc out.

  4. Clean your game or movie disc. Check the disc for any possible damage or physical evidence of dust or dirt. Clean it carefully with a microfiber cloth, and then try to insert it again.


    Only use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to avoid further damage.

  5. Try a different game or movie. If the PS5 doesn't read the disc, try a different one to see if the problem lies with the disc or the disc drive.

  6. Check you're inserting the disc the correct way. When the PS5 is positioned vertically, it can be difficult to know if you're inserting the disc correctly. Try it the other way round if the console doesn't read the disc.

  7. Check the disc is compatible. Check the disc you're inserting is compatible with the console. The PS5 can't read PS3 or older game discs.

  8. Rotate your PS5 console. The PS5 can be placed either vertically or horizontally. Try changing the orientation to see if it helps the console read the disc properly.  

  9. Clean the interior of your PS5 disc drive. Using compressed air or a blower, clean the dust from your PS5 drive carefully. You may need to unscrew the outside panels of the console to do this. Check for foreign objects and remove them carefully with tweezers.


    Only do this if you feel confident about disassembling devices.

  10. Contact PlayStation customer support If your console is still under warranty, PlayStation customer support may be able to help you get it fixed. If it isn't, they can advise you on any other repair options and help you decide what to do next.


    Sony has a dedicated PlayStation Fix & Replace service for any kind of console issue. 

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