How to Fix the Most Common HomePod Mini Problems

Get your HomePod working again

The HomePod Mini is designed for easy use, with no display and few controls. Since there aren’t a lot of controls and there isn’t a display, HomePod Mini problems can be challenging to pin down. If your HomePod Mini stops working, it could be a connectivity or networking problem, a software issue, or even a conflict with other smart home devices in your home.

Why Is My HomePod Mini Not Working?

The HomePod Mini can stop working for a lot of reasons, but the most common problems include: 

  • In need of an update: Many HomePod Mini problems can be solved by updating the device. If there is an update available for yours, start there.
  • Connectivity problems: If your HomePod Mini can’t connect to the internet, try resetting your network hardware. If it can’t connect to your iPhone or Apple TV, try moving the devices closer together.
  • Power issues: If you’re using the wrong USB power adapter, the HomePod Mini may not have enough power. If it was unresponsive immediately after plugging in, this is usually the problem.
  • Needs to be reset: If nothing else works, factory resetting your HomePod Mini fixes a lot of problems.
  • Incompatible devices: If HomeKit scenes work with your iPhone but not with your HomePod Mini, you may have some devices that have compatibility issues with your HomePod. Resetting the HomePod Mini helps sometimes, but you may need to wait for an update.

Updating Your HomePod Mini

Updating your HomePod Mini can fix many problems, so you can save a lot of time if you start by checking to make sure that your device is up to date.

If your HomePod Mini won't play music, updating it fixes the problem. For example, if you're unable to play Spotify on your Homepod and see that an update is available, installing the update will usually fix the problem. It can also fix issues with the iPhone handoff ability, problems where AirPlay crashes when transferring audio to a HomePod Mini, and a variety of other problems.

To update your HomePod Mini, open the Home app and check for an Update Available option at the top of the Home tab.

Why Does My HomePod Mini Keep Losing Internet Connection?

If Siri keeps reporting that there is no internet connection when using your HomePod Mini, you have a connectivity problem. Your home network may have connectivity problems, you might have connected the HomePod Mini to the wrong network, or your HomePod Mini needs a reset.

Here’s how to fix it when a HomePod Mini keeps losing an internet connection:

  1. Restart your home network hardware. If you have access to your network hardware, unplug your modem and router, power them down, and wait a while. You can then plug them back in, wait for the network to reconnect, and then check to see if your HomePod Mini still has network connectivity problems.

  2. Reposition your HomePod Mini. If your HomePod Mini is too far from your wireless router or there are too many obstructions, you may need to move it. Check with your phone to make sure there is a strong Wi-Fi signal at the location of your HomePod Mini. You can also improve your Wi-Fi signal by repositioning your router or removing obstructions.

  3. Check the HomePod Mini Wi-Fi connection. First, check your iPhone to ensure it’s connected to the Wi-Fi network you want to use with your HomePod Mini. Then open the Home app on your iPhone, and check to see if there’s a Wi-Fi alert. If there is, you can tap the alert to reset the HomePod Mini Wi-Fi settings to match your iPhone.

  4. Restart your HomePod mini. Try rebooting your HomePod Mini by opening the Home app on your iPhone, navigating to HomePod Mini Settings, and selecting Reset HomePod > Restart Homepod.

  5. Contact Apple. If your HomePod Mini seems to work fine, but Siri constantly reports internet problems, you may have a defective unit. Contact Apple customer service to see if a replacement is available.

What to Do If a HomePod Mini Won’t Respond to Voice Commands

HomePod Mini works primarily through voice commands with the help of Siri. It doesn’t have a lot of physical controls, so you can only accomplish most things with voice commands. If your HomePod Mini doesn’t respond to voice commands, try these fixes:

  1. Make sure the HomePod Mini is on. Check the power cable, and make sure it’s plugged into a compatible USB adapter. You can also tap the top of the device to see if it responds. If it does, it’s on and should respond to voice commands. If it doesn’t, then try a different USB power source.

  2. Make sure Hey Siri is on. Press and hold the center top of the HomePod Mini, and say, “Turn on, Hey Siri.” If it still doesn’t respond after that, open the Home app on your iPhone, navigate to HomePod Mini Settings, and turn on the Listen for Hey Siri option.

  3. Reset the HomePod Mini. If the manual controls work and Siri's on, resetting the HomePod Mini may fix the problem.

Why Won’t My HomePod Mini Pair for Stereo Sound?

HomePod Minis should connect for stereo sound automatically without any additional setup process. However, if you have two HomePod Minis that won’t pair for stereo sound, try these fixes:

 If you have one HomePod and one HomePod Mini, you can’t pair them for stereo sound. A HomePod Mini will only pair with another HomePod Mini for stereo sound.

  1. Make sure they’re on the same Apple ID account. If you didn’t set up both HomePod Minis with your phone, using the same Apple ID, they won’t pair for stereo sound.

  2. Make sure they’re on the same network. If you set the HomePod Minis up at different times, they may be on different Wi-Fi networks. Check each HomePod in the Home app on your iPhone, and make sure they’re on the same network.

  3. Assign both HomePod Minis to the same room. If you assign the HomePod Minis to different rooms in the Home app, they won’t pair.

  4. Move them close together. Place the HomePod Minis as close together as possible, with no obstructions between them. Then, if they pair, you can put them back in their original positions.

  5. Pair them first, then position them. Try unplugging the HomePod Minis, and take them to a different room where you can plug them in right next to each other. Place them next to each other, and wait for them to pair. After they have successfully paired, you should be able to move them back to their original positions.

Why Is My HomePod Mini Still Configuring?

Some HomePod Minis have a problem where they never stop configuring. Many issues can cause this problem. If you’re having trouble with a HomePod Mini that keeps configuring for a long time, try these fixes:

  1. Check the Apple System Status page. If iCloud is down, then you’ll have trouble configuring your HomePod Mini. In that case, all you can do is wait for the service to come back up and then try again.

  2. Check your iCloud account on your phone. You will usually see an error message on your phone if there is a problem with your iCloud account or settings, but you can check to be sure. First, open Settings on your iPhone, then tap your name and tap iCloud. If you see any alerts at any step along the way, address them.

  3. Let the HomePod Mini configure, and come back later. If it’s a busy time of year, the iCloud servers may be overloaded even if they aren’t down. So let your HomePod Mini work for a while, and then check back later. You may also want to try the configuration process later or at a different time of day when the iCloud servers aren’t as busy.

  4. Restart your HomePod Mini. The HomePod Mini configuration process may have stalled, in which case simply restarting it may get it working again. Try unplugging it and plugging it back in, and then use the restart process outlined above if that doesn’t work.

  5. Factory reset your HomePod Mini. A factory reset may fix the problem if the HomePod Mini isn't configured. To factory reset a HomePod Mini, open the Home app, press and hold your HomePod in the list of devices, then tap Reset Homepod > Remove Accessory. You can then set it up again, hopefully finishing the configuration process.

  6. Contact Apple customer service. If your HomePod Mini still doesn’t finish configuring, you can contact Apple for further assistance. The HomePod Mini may be defective.

  • How do you set up a HomePod Mini?

    To set up a HomePod Mini, plug it in and hold your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad close to it. Then, wait for the HomePod Mini card to pop up on your device and follow the on-screen instructions. 

  • Can I connect my HomePod Mini to Apple TV?

    To connect Apple HomePod to a TV, Open the Apple TV Settings, select Video and Audio, choose Audio Output, and select the name of your HomePod. Alternatively, open the content with audio on Apple TV, swipe down from the top of the screen, and choose Audio > name of HomePod.

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