How to Fix It When Chromecast Is Blinking Red

Get the black screen back to normal

This article explains how to fix it when a Chromecast is blinking red, including fixing a black Chromecast screen.

Some Chromecast devices will blink red while an update is in progress. If that’s the case, the red light will stop blinking, and the Chromecast will start working again if you allow the update to finish.

Why Is My Chromecast Light Red?

The LED indicator on your Chromecast can change to many different colors, and each helps convey specific information about the device's status. When the LED turns red, it can indicate an update is in progress or there's an error.

Here’s what a red LED means on Chromecast:

  • Pulsing red: An update is in progress. If you leave the Chromecast alone and are connected to the internet, it will update, and you’ll be able to use it again.
  • Pulsing red with a black screen: If the LED pulses red for a prolonged period or pulses red while the TV screen is black, that indicates an error has occurred.
  • Solid red: This indicates that an error has occurred. You will need to restart or reset your Chromecast.

How to Fix It When a Chromecast Is Blinking Red or Solid Red

When the LED on a Chromecast blinks red, that usually means it is updating its software. If you wait for a while, the LED should eventually stop blinking, and you’ll be able to use it again. When the LED changes from blinking red to solid white, that means it’s ready to use.

Here’s how to fix a Chromecast that won’t stop blinking red, has a black screen, or has a solid red LED:

  1. Wait for the Chromecast update to finish. Your Chromecast may be updating itself in the background. If you still see a video output from the Chromecast to your television and not a black screen, the Chromecast is likely performing an update. Leave it plugged into your TV and power, and see if the update finishes.

  2. Restart the Chromecast. Unplug your Chromecast from power, and leave it unplugged for at least one minute. Then plug it back in, and check to see if it works.

    If the red light starts blinking again, the Chromecast may be attempting to finish an update that previously failed. Let it work for a while, and then move on to the next step if it doesn’t start working.

  3. Try a different HDMI port. Unplug the Chromecast from the television, and plug it into a different HDMI port. If all of your HDMI ports are in use, unplug one of your devices and use that HDMI port to test your Chromecast.

  4. Try a different HDMI cable. If you’re using an HDMI extension cable, try a different one. The HDMI cable may have developed problems that interfere with HDCP, in which case switching cables will fix the problem.

  5. Plug the Chromecast directly into an HDMI port. If you’re using an HDMI extension cable, remove it and try plugging the Chromecast directly into your television. If it doesn’t receive a strong enough Wi-Fi signal, you will need to obtain a new HDMI extension cable that doesn’t cause an HDCP error.

  6. Try a different television. Disconnect the Chromecast from your television, and plug it into another television. If you don’t have a second television, you can plug it into a computer monitor as long as it has an HDMI port.

  7. Make sure the Chromecast has a strong Wi-Fi connection. If your Chromecast has a weak Wi-Fi signal, it may take too long to download updates, or it may fail to download an update. In either case, this will cause the red light to blink for a long time. Make sure the Chromecast is connected to the right Wi-Fi network and that it has a solid connection.

    If your phone has a slow internet connection on Wi-Fi when you place it close to the Chromecast, the Chromecast probably has a slow connection too.

  8. Factory reset your Chromecast. If nothing else works, factory resetting your Chromecast may fix the problem. After you reset it, you’ll need to set up and update your Chromecast again.

  9. Contact Google support. If the Chromecast still doesn’t work after factory resetting it, contact Google for further assistance.

    The first-generation Chromecast no longer receives significant updates, so you may want to consider upgrading to a newer Chromecast.

What Color Should the Light on My Chromecast Be?

The LED on your Chromecast provides information about the device, including when it’s operating normally, downloading updates, or malfunctioning. If your Chromecast is working normally, the LED will be solid white. Blinking white indicates that it’s functioning normally but needs to be set up.

  • Why is my Chromecast light pink?

    If your Chromecast light is pink, the device is likely stuck in a reboot or has encountered an error while updating. To fix the issue, power off the Chromecast and remove its cables, wait a few minutes, and then plug everything back in and power on the Chromecast again.

  • How do I fix a blinking orange light on Chromecast?

    If your Chromecast is blinking orange, it may be receiving an update or performing a diagnostic. Wait a few minutes and see if it turns white; if so, your device has been reset and should work properly. If it continues to blink orange or shows a solid orange light, there's likely been an error. Try restarting the Chromecast and TV, switching the HDMI port and cable, or factory resetting the Chromecast.

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