14 Ways to Fix a ChatGPT Network Error on Long Responses

First, clear your browser's cache, and then the AI to answer in under 500 words

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This article covers a variety of ways to fix the ChatGPT and OpenAI network errors that sometimes appear when trying to use the ChatGPT AI tool. The below solutions cover errors triggered by both the ChatGPT service and website in addition to those caused by the hardware and software being used to ask the chatbot a query.

Why Does ChatGPT Keep Having Network Errors?

OpenAI network and internal server errors when using ChatGPT are usually caused by:

  • ChatGPT is at capacity or experiencing network problems
  • An unstable internet connection
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • An issue with a web browser's cache file
  • Requesting answers over 500 words in length

How to Fix a Network Error on ChatGPT

Here’s all of the best solutions for how to fix ChatGPT internet server error problems or general OpenAI network errors. It’s recommended to work through these fixes in the order presented as they’re listed from quickest and easiest to more complex and time-consuming.

If your query isn't pressing, consider trying ChatGPT at another time. There may be too many people using ChatGPT or, if you see a 429 error, Chat GPT thinks you are using it too much and has placed you in a timeout. Wait a few hours before trying again. You could also try using a different device.

  1. Check if ChatGPT is down. ChatGPT has an official status web page listing current server and other technical issues.

  2. Check your internet connection. A weak or unreliable internet connection can cause a network error on ChatGPT results.

  3. Check your internet speed. A speed over 5 Mbps is recommended for using ChatGPT.

  4. Disable current downloads. Pause any file downloads or transfers that you have running in the background.

  5. Disable your VPN. Your VPN service may be affecting your internet speed or connectivity. A VPN can also trigger the Error 1020 ChatGPT security warning.

  6. Clear your browser cache. Your web browser may require more free memory to load ChatGPT content.

  7. Free up memory on your device. If your device’s memory is almost full, it could be limiting the functionality of certain apps.

  8. Re-open your web browser. Close/quit your browser, open the browser and try the ChatGPT task again.

  9. Log out of ChatGPT. Log out and then log back into ChatGPT again.

  10. Update your web browser. Your browser may need to download an update to run ChatGPT properly. Any update can usually be done via the browser’s Settings menu or through your device’s app store.

  11. Use a different web browser. Some browsers are more stable and efficient than others. Try ChatGPT in a browser like Google Chrome or Brave.

  12. Limit filler text in ChatGPT coding responses. In your request, ask for zero empty lines and comments in the code. This will reduce the length of the answer and its word count.

  13. Request less information at a time from ChatGPT. That means either asking for ChatGPT to limit its output to 500 words or you could break your query up into smaller, mini questions. For example, you could first request a list of the main points and then ask for elaborations on each point separately.

  14. Contact OpenAI support. If all else fails, or you think you’ve encountered a bug that the developers should know about, open a chat with the official OpenAI support and let them know.

  • Do I need an account to use ChatGPT?

    Yes, you need to have your own login in order to use ChatGPT. Opening an account is free, however.

  • Is ChatGPT free to use?

    The basic version of ChatGPT is free, but it doesn't get you all of the features. A paid ChatGPT Plus membership ($20 a month) lets you access updates as soon as they come out and offers an uninterrupted experience even at peak times.

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