How to Fix CD Ripping Error Code C00D10D2

What to do when Windows Media Player isn't ripping your CD

Windows Media Player 11 has been around for a while, and it's a popular software media player that some Windows-based computers use for audio and video. It was included in Windows Vista and is available as a download for Windows XP. It was followed by Windows Media Player 12, which was introduced in Windows 7. 

One popular advantage of Windows Media Player 11 is that it can be used to rip CDs to a computer's hard drive or to burn CDs or DVDs.

If you recently tried to rip audio CDs to a digital music format and saw rip error message C00D10D2, this guide will walk you through the most common solutions to help you get back to ripping your music.

This guide covers Windows Media Player 11 but may be applicable to later versions as well.

Causes of the CD00D10D2 Error

Most of the time, CD00D10D2 is caused by incorrect settings. Either you changed the settings by mistake or an update returned something to a default that you probably don't want. The error also may occur when you're trying to output to an unsupported file format. Choosing a format natural to Windows is a good way to test that.

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A Quick Fix for the C00D10D2 Error Message

This is the most common fix, and it requires that you change one setting in Windows Media Player. The player has separate controls for ripping and playing, and it's possible for ripping support to be disabled. Go back into the settings and re-enable it.

  1. To access the Windows Media Player options, select the Tools menu tab at the top of the screen, and choose Options.

  2. On the Options screen, select the Devices tab to see a list of hardware devices attached to the system. Choose the CD/DVD drive that you use for ripping audio CDs. Press Properties for the next screen.

  3. On the Properties screen for the selected drive, ensure that the Digital setting is enabled for both Playback and Rip sections. On the same screen, also make sure that the check box next to the Use error correction option is set.

  4. To save the settings, press Apply followed by OK. To exit the Options screen, press OK one more time.

One More Fix

If the problem isn't fixed, you may be trying to rip to a format that either isn't supported or is improperly supported. The best way to make sure that isn't the case is to use the Windows Media Audio (WMA) format to test it out. Since it's a format built into Windows, you shouldn't encounter any issues. If you're a fan of high-resolution audio, you can try WAV too.

  1. Select the Tools menu tab at the top of the Windows Media Player screen.

  2. Choose Options.

  3. Choose the Rip Music tab, and change the rip audio format to Windows Media Audio. This sometimes cures the CD rip error.

  4. Select Apply followed by OK.

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