How to Fix It When You Can't Change Google Assistant's Language

Why it happens and how to solve it

Google Assistant is a virtual assistant that allows you to use voice commands to tell Google Home and other connected devices to perform tasks, such as setting appointments or sending text messages. It's designed to work with several languages, but you might run into trouble when changing the language setting on Google Assistant.

Here's a look at why this problem occurs and how to fix it using the Google Assistant app on any Android device.

A man is unable to change Google Assistant's language on his phone.
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Causes for Why You Can't Change Google Assistant's Language

Google Assistant works best with English, but it's designed to work with other languages as well. Your smartphone, however, is likely designed to support more languages than Google Assistant offers.

Suppose you set your phone to a language that Google Assistant does not yet support, such as English (Jamaica). When this happens, Google Assistant may prevent you from changing its input language.

The easiest way to regain the ability to change Google Assistant's language is to change the language setting in your phone to English (United States), which has the most complete support in Google Assistant.

If doing that allows you to change Google Assistant's language to your preferred language, you can go back into your phone's settings and change the system language to something you're comfortable with.

Pay attention to both the language and the region. For example, you can set your phone to Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Macau), Portuguese (Brasil), or others, but Google Assistant supports only Portuguese (Brasil).

How to Fix It When You Can't Change Google Assistant's Language

Follow these steps, in the order presented, to get your Google Assistant language settings in working order again.

  1. Change your Android system language. The system language is separate from the Google Assistant language, and it can be changed through the settings on your phone.

  2. Change the Google Assistant input language. After changing your phone's system language to English (United States), you should be able to change Google Assistant's language. Unlike the main system language, which allows you to choose from a long list, Google Assistant allows you to choose only from supported languages.

  3. Check for updates. If changing your phone's system language to a supported language doesn't allow you to change Google Assistant's language, there may be a problem with the Google app. Check for any updates or patches on the Google Play store.

  4. Restore the Google Assistant app. Google Assistant relies on the Google app to work, so corrupt local data or a bug in a recently updated version of the app can prevent you from changing Google Assistant's settings, such as the input language. If you're still unable to fix the problem, try restoring the Google Assistant app to its factory settings.

  5. Contact Google Support. If you're still not able to resolve the issue, contact Google customer support for more help.

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