How to Fix It When You Can't Answer Calls on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

Start receiving calls from your wrist again

One of the most important features of Samsung Galaxy Watches is that they allow you to answer calls without picking up your phone. If you can’t answer calls on a Samsung Galaxy Watch, there may be a connectivity problem, the watch may not be configured correctly, or you may need to add it to your mobile plan.

Reasons You Can’t Answer Calls on a Galaxy Watch

When you can't answer calls on a Samsung Galaxy Watch, there are several potential causes. The most common problems are connectivity and configuration problems, which you can usually fix yourself.

Here are the most common reasons you can't answer calls on a Galaxy Watch:

  • Bluetooth connectivity problems: You need to enable Bluetooth on your phone, and your watch needs to be close enough to your phone to connect.
  • Silent settings: If you've enabled do not disturb mode, goodnight mode, theater mode, or any other silent mode, you won't be able to receive calls.
  • Notification settings: Additionally, you may have turned off your notification settings. With notifications turned off for incoming calls, your watch won't let you know when you receive a call.
  • LTE service: If you're trying to use your watch without your phone, the watch needs to support LTE, and you need to activate it with your cellular provider.

How to Fix it When You Can’t Answer Calls on a Samsung Galaxy Watch

If you cannot answer calls on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, perform each of the following troubleshooting steps in order.

  1. Check your Bluetooth settings. You need to set up your Galaxy Watch and connect it to your phone via Bluetooth before you can use it to answer calls. Make sure that your phone has Bluetooth turned on.

  2. Make sure the watch is connected by Bluetooth. If your watch is connected to your phone remotely by Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to answer calls with it. The phone and watch need to be connected via Bluetooth, which means they have to be close together.

  3. Place the phone and watch close together. Check to see if you can answer calls when the watch and phone are close to each other. If they work when very close together, but not when you move away from your phone, there may be a lot of radio interference in the area, or there may be a problem with your phone’s Bluetooth radio.

  4. Check your phone’s Bluetooth connectivity. Try using your phone with other Bluetooth devices, like earbuds, and in a variety of locations. If it works in some areas but not others, you’re probably dealing with interference. If your phone has poor Bluetooth range wherever you go, then you may need to replace the phone or have it repaired.

  5. Disable all silent modes. Check to see if Do Not Disturb, Goodnight, Theater, or any other silent mode is enabled. Do Not Disturb is set on your phone, while Goodnight, Bed Time, and Theater modes are all accessed in the advanced settings section of the settings on your watch. If any of these modes are enabled, turn them off and check to see if you can answer calls.

  6. Enable notifications. You could have configured the notification settings for your watch to prevent notifications for calls. In the Samsung Wearable app on your phone, tap Watch Settings > Notifications > More, and make sure that the Phone toggle is on. If that toggle is off, you won’t be able to answer calls on your watch.

  7. Make sure Water Lock isn’t on. If you’ve accidentally turned on Water Lock, you won’t be able to answer calls on your watch until you turn it off. To turn off Water Lock, press and hold the home or home/power button until it switches off.

  8. Check your phone for an error message. If you’re using your Galaxy Watch with an iPhone, your phone will display an error the first time you try to make a call from the watch. If you see that error, immediately open your iPhone Bluetooth settings, and you’ll see a second Galaxy Watch listed in the available devices. Connect to that, and you’ll be able to send and receive calls.

  9. Verify that your watch has LTE service, if applicable. If you have an LTE-enabled Galaxy Watch, then you can answer calls on it without your phone. However, this option is only available if you’ve activated the watch with your cellular carrier. If you haven’t done that yet, then contact your carrier for more information.

  • How do I answer calls on a Samsung Galaxy Watch?

    To answer calls on your Samsung Galaxy Watch, tap the green phone icon and swipe toward the center of the screen. To decline a call when you're busy, tap the red phone icon and swipe left.

  • Why can't my Samsung Galaxy Watch Active answer calls?

    Only Galaxy Watches with onboard speakers and microphones, such as the Galaxy Watch Active2 and Galaxy Watch4, can answer calls. If you have a first-generation Galaxy Watch Active, you can still tap to view and accept calls on your watch. Any accepted calls transfer to your connected smartphone.

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