How to Fix: Can't Add Bookmarks in the iPad's Safari Browser

Get back to saving important sites

Some iPad users might notice that the device will sometimes refuse to add new bookmarks in the Safari browser. The iPad may also stop displaying any of your bookmarks, which can be inconvenient if you use the web browser a lot. This issue can pop up at any time, but it is most common after updating to a newer version of the operating system.

You have two options to fix this issue if you find the iPad refusing to add bookmarks.

These instructions apply to devices running iOS 10.3 and higher.

Restore the iPad's Safari Browser

One fix involves turning off iCloud and rebooting the iPad.

This solution won't clear the website data on the browser, which means you won't need to log in again to websites that previously saved your password.

  1. Go into the iPad's settings.

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  2. Tap your name on the left side of the screen.

    Apple ID in Settings on an iPad
  3. Tap iCloud.

    iCloud in iPad settings
  4. Find Safari under Apps Using iCloud. Tap the switch to turn it off.

    Can not add bookmarks to Safari in iPad
  5. Reboot the iPad by holding down the sleep/wake button at the top of the tablet and following the directions on the screen.

    Powering off an iPad
  6. Restart your iPad by holding the sleep/wake button for a couple of seconds, and then check to see if you can save bookmarks in Safari. If you can, turn iCloud back on in Settings.

Clear Cookies from the Safari Browser

If rebooting doesn't work, try wiping the cookies from the Safari browser. Cookies are small pieces of information websites leave in the browser. This allows websites to remember who you are when you come back to visit, but cookies can also cause problems with your browser by leaving information for too long. The information can also become corrupted, so deleting them removes the bad files.

After deleting cookies, you may have to log in to websites you've previously visited.

  1. Open the iPad's settings and tap Safari in the left panel. 

    Can't save bookmarks in Safari
  2. Tap Advanced at the bottom of the menu.

    Can't add bookmarks in Safari
  3. Select Website Data.

    Can't save bookmarks in Safari on iPad
  4. This menu lists all of the data Safari has saved from websites you've visited. You can delete the info for specific sites, but tap Remove All Website Data to clear it all at once.

    Can't save bookmarks in Safari on iPad
  5. Tap Remove to confirm your choice.

    Can't add bookmarks to Safari on iPad
  6. Reboot your iPad and check to see if you can add bookmarks again.

Remove All History and Data From the Safari Browser

If deleting Safari's cookies doesn't work, try wiping all of the data from the Safari browser. This process clears cookies and other data websites have stored on the iPad along with other information like your web history.

  1. Open Settings, and then go to the Safari menu.

    Can't save bookmarks in Safari
  2. Tap Clear History and Website Data.

    Can't save bookmarks in Safari on iPad
  3. Tap Clear to confirm your choice.

    Can't save bookmarks in Safari on iPad
  4. Check Safari to see if you can add bookmarks.

If your iPad is still having problems, you can try resetting the iPad to factory default settings. Back up your iPad first to ensure you won't lose any data. You can also download a new web browser on your iPad.