How to Fix: Can't Add Bookmarks in iPad's Safari

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Safari for the iPad is not immune to glitches, a common one being when you can't add bookmarks. The iPad may also stop displaying the bookmarks entirely. This issue can occur at any time, but it usually occurs after an iOS update.

When your iPad refuses to add or display bookmarks in the Safari browser app, you can fix it.

These instructions apply to iPads with iOS/iPadOS 13 and later.

Reasons Why Safari Stops Adding Bookmarks

When Safari stops adding bookmarks or refuses to display bookmarks, it is likely because you updated the iPad to a newer version of the operating system. You may also encounter this problem if you never restart or turn off your iPad.

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How to Fix it When iPad Safari Won't Add Bookmarks

Safari is part of the iPad operating system, so you can't delete it and reinstall it like you can most other apps. You need to take a different approach. One of these fixes is sure to get you up and bookmarking again quickly.

  1. Restart the iPad. Sometimes simple fixes are the best fixes, and this one cures a variety of problems.

  2. Turn off iCloud Safari and turn it back on. If you sync Safari with iCloud, go to the iPad settings, tap your name, then select iCloud. Turn off Safari and select Keep on My iPad. Wait a few minutes and turn on Safari again.

  3. Clear cookies from the Safari browser. If restarting and restoring Safari doesn't help, delete the cookies from the Safari browser. Cookies are small pieces of information that websites leave in the browser. They allow websites to remember who you are when you return. Cookies can become corrupted, so deleting them removes the bad files.

    After deleting cookies, you may have to log in to websites you previously visited.

  4. Remove all history and data from Safari. If deleting Safari's cookies doesn't work, wipe all the data from the Safari browser. This process clears cookies and other data that websites stored on the iPad, such as your web browsing history.

  5. Reset all settings on the iPad. This fix retains all your data and media, while resetting your preferences and settings, which may solve a Safari bookmark problem. This is an all or nothing approach for the iPad. You can't single out Safari, so make a backup of the iPad if this step doesn't help.

  6. Reset the iPad to factory defaults. If you still have problems with the bookmarks in Safari, reset the iPad to its factory default settings. This clean-slate approach returns the iPad to a like-new condition while removing your personal data and information.

    Back up your iPad first so you can restore your personal data and information later.

  7. Contact Apple Support or make an appointment at an Apple Genius Bar. If none of the above steps works, contact Apple customer service. You can also take your device to an Apple Store and ask a Genius bar representative to diagnose the problem.

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