How to Fix It When Your Google Pixel Has a Broken Power Button

Alternative ways to turn on your Pixel smartphone

This article will walk you through a series of proven solutions for fixing your smartphone’s power button and how to turn your Android device on and off when the button won’t work.

Why Is My Google Pixel Power Button Broken?

The physical power button on Google Pixels can break when the mobile device is dropped on or knocked against a hard surface. The power button can also stop working correctly on a software level due to software bugs or conflicts caused by apps or an out-of-date operating system.

Malware and viruses can also cause Google Pixel power buttons to stop responding or working as they should.

Can a Broken Power Button Be Fixed?

There are many ways to fix a broken power button on a Google Pixel smartphone. Here are the best solutions listed from easiest and fastest to more complex and time-consuming.

  1. Try a stronger power button press. The power button on a Google Pixel may require more pressure than the power button on your previous smartphone.

  2. Use a toothpick or pin. If the physical button has fallen off or is cracked, try using a toothpick to simulate the power button press.

  3. Connect your Google Pixel to a power source. It’s possible that your smartphone’s power button is working fine and that the battery has died or been damaged.

  4. Double-check your Google Pixel’s power button location. You may be pressing the wrong button.

  5. Clean your Google Pixel. Some grime may be preventing the power button from working properly.

  6. Check for an Android update. If the Pixel’s power button issue is being caused by a software bug, checking for a system update may fix it.

  7. Uninstall recently installed apps. If the Google Pixel power button stopped working after you installed a new app, remove the app, restart your smartphone, and see if this fixes the issue.

  8. Visit your mobile service provider. The support staff may be able to fix your Google Pixel power button problem in-store or potentially give you a new handset.

  9. Factory reset your Google Pixel. If none of the above solutions worked, it’s worth trying a factory reset.

  10. Request official online support for your Google Pixel phone. If your warrantee is still valid, you may be able to request a replacement for your broken smartphone from Google or your provider.

  11. Upgrade to a newer Google Pixel model. If you’ve had your current phone for a while, you may actually be able to upgrade to a newer model for free. Your cellular service provider should be able to tell you what your options are.

How Do I Turn On Google Pixels With a Broken Power Button?

The easiest way to turn a Google Pixel on and off when its power button breaks is to install an app that adds a power button icon to the smartphone’s screen.

Always Visible Power Button is a free Android app that can add a power button to the display (though there are numerous others such as Back Button Anywhere that can be customized to add extra power button controls).

A software power button has a significant limitation: You can only use it to turn your phone’s screen on and off or perform system restarts. You won’t be able to use such apps to turn on your Pixel if it’s powered down.

How Do I Force Google Pixels to Turn On?

If your Google Pixel smartphone appears completely dead and you can’t turn it on with its power button, you may be able to force it to turn on by connecting it to your computer or laptop via a USB cable.

When doing this, make sure your computer is turned on and give your Google Pixel enough time to charge if its battery is flat.

You can also force your Google Pixel to turn on at a set time every day. To do this, select Settings > Advanced > Scheduled Power On/Off and choose your preferred time.

  • How do I restart a Google Pixel without the power button?

    To restart a Google Pixel device without the power button, one option is to use the boot menu, also known as recovery mode. For many models, you can get to the recovery mode screen by long-pressing Home + Volume up + Volume down. When you get to the recovery screen, use the volume buttons to navigate to and select Reboot System Now.

  • How do you remove the Google button from the home screen on a Pixel?

    To remove the Google Assistant Home button, open Settings, go to Additional Settings, and select Button and gesture shortcuts. Select Launch Google Assistant and tap None to remove it from the home screen. You can also assign Assistant to another button or gesture.

  • How do you answer a call on a Pixel with a button?

    While you can't answer a call on a Pixel with a button, you can silence an incoming call on a Google Pixel with the Volume button. When you get an incoming call, press the upper or lower part of the volume button. The call will be silenced and can continue on to voice mail.

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