How to Fix an Xbox Controller That's Blinking or Flashing

Your controller could be unpaired or just low low on battery power

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Nobody likes a gaming session stopped by a controller problem, so this article will explain how you can get an Xbox controller to stop blinking or flashing.

Causes of a Blinking Xbox Controller

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Xbox controllers will blink for a variety of reasons, but there are a few primary causes.

  • The controller has lost its connection with its Xbox. Repairing the controller will stop the blinking and restore its functionality.
  • The batteries are low. Just plug in your controller to recharge its internal battery. Once it's charged, the blinking will stop.
  • It's broken. There aren't really any serviceable parts inside an Xbox controller that would cause the blinking, so you'll like need to reach out to Microsoft for help.

When we say blinking or flashing, we're referring to the light behind the Xbox button and not any kind of other blinking or flashing.

How to Fix an Xbox Controller Blinking or Flashing

Regardless of if you're talking about a controller for a PC, Xbox One, One S, One X, Series X, or Series S, if your Xbox controller is flashing, try out the steps below for yourself.

  1. Pair your controller with your device again. If you're using your Xbox controller with a PC, for example, go through the pairing process again to see if your controller will reconnect and stop flashing.

  2. Charge your controller. Sometimes, a low battery may cause your controller to disconnect, act erratically, or, in some cases, start flashing. To be safe, try charging your controller for a while. That should end the blinking.

  3. Connect your controller with a USB cable instead of wirelessly. Sometimes, the wireless connection between, for example, an Xbox and its controller may be the issue causing flashing. Connect your controller with a USB cable and check if the problem has been solved.

  4. Connect your controller to a different device. If you're using your controller with your phone, for example, try connecting it to an Xbox or PC, whether wired or wirelessly.

    Sometimes, the problem causing flashing can come down to what you're trying to connect to and not any actual issues with the controller.

  5. Make sure you're in range and have decent signal strength. If using your controller wirelessly, you have to make sure you're in range of whatever you're wirelessly connecting to. In some cases, this means making sure you're not far from your Xbox.

    In other cases, you might be close to the computer you're using your controller with, but there may be a lot of interference from other devices causing your controller to blink.

  6. Disconnect other controllers. Your controller may be flashing because there's a problem with your Xbox, for example, and another connected controller. Disconnect any other controllers you have connected, and then try connecting your original controller.

  7. Try updating your controller's firmware. Sometimes, an out-of-date controller can experience issues, like flashing, so if your controller needs a firmware update, get that sorted, and then reconnect your controller to whatever device you're using it with.

  8. Contact Xbox support. If all else fails, there may be an issue with your controller itself. Luckily, if your controller is under warranty, you can get it replaced by Microsoft.

  • Why is my Xbox controller blinking and not connecting?

    If your Xbox controller won't connect, but is being used in its normal location, something other than interference is causing problems. If you have a headset or microphone connected, unplug it and check the connection again. Restarting the console may also fix the issue.

  • Why is my Xbox controller blinking and then turning off?

    It's possible that your Xbox console is not receiving enough power (it will start to shut down wireless connections to save energy). Turn off and unplug the Xbox, then wait for a few minutes before plugging it back in and turning it on. If the problem persists, try plugging the console directly into an outlet (i.e. not a surge protector).

  • What do I do if my Xbox controller starts blinking when connected to a PC?

    If your controller continues to blink when attempting to connect it to a PC, the problem is most likely that it ins't pairing correctly. Open your PC's Devices list, locate the Xbox controller, and select it to connect.

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