How to Fix an Authentication Error in Minecraft

Check your internet connection, your firewall, and your mods

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Sometimes when you try to connect to a Minecraft multiplayer server, you might get the following message:

  • Failed to connect to the server. Failed to authenticate your connection.

Here's how to fix an authentication error in Minecraft.

Information in this article applies to Minecraft for all platforms.

What Causes the 'Failed to Authenticate Your Connection' Error in Minecraft?

Authentication errors in Minecraft can have a few potential causes:

  • Problems with your internet connection
  • Problems with the server
  • Outdated game files
  • Low system memory
  • Incompatible mods
  • You changed your username

If there's a problem with the server itself, all you can do is wait for the issue to be resolved. Check the Minecraft server’s website or social media accounts for updates.

How to Fix the 'Failed to Authenticate Your Connection' Error in Minecraft

Follow these steps in order until you can connect to the Minecraft server:

  1. Try reconnecting to the Minecraft server. It's the simplest solution, but it rules out any temporary technical hiccups.

  2. Restart the Minecraft Launcher. Select Close (X) or press Alt+F4, then reopen the Launcher. If Minecraft is frozen, you can force quit Windows programs in the Task Manager or end the tasks on Mac in the Force Quit menu.

  3. Log out of the Minecraft Launcher and log back in. Closing the Launcher doesn't actually log you out of your account. Doing so can sometimes clear up connection errors.

  4. Troubleshoot your internet connection. You can't connect to a Minecraft server without a stable internet connection.

  5. Let the administrator know if you have a new username. If you recently changed your username, you might not be authorized to join a private server, so the admin needs to add you to the approved list.

  6. Update Minecraft. If you're running an outdated version of the game, it could be incompatible with the server, so make sure you have the latest updates.

  7. Free up RAM. If your computer doesn't have enough RAM available, it can't render the Minecraft world, so try freeing up some memory.

  8. Direct Connect to the Minecraft server. Enter the server's IP address and choose Direct Connect to establish a direct connection.

  9. Add a firewall exception for Minecraft. If you use a firewall, it could be blocking the connection to the server, so you may need to add an exception for the Minecraft server.

  10. Uninstall Minecraft mods. One or more of your mods could be causing conflicts with the server, so disable them one by one to pinpoint the problem.

  11. Flush the DNS cache. Clearing the DNS cache on Windows or flushing the DNS on Mac will force your computer to double-check the server's IP address.

  12. Edit the HOSTS file. Find and delete any entries that say “Mojang,” then save the file and restart your computer. When you install mods, they sometimes cause issues with the HOSTS file.

  • How do I fix the OpenGL error in Minecraft?

    The OpenGL error is a graphics error, so update your graphics card driver and disable any graphical enhancements. If you still have trouble, disable any mods and update Java.

  • How do I fix error code 0 in Minecraft?

    Exit error 0 is caused by incompatible Minecraft mods. Disable mods one by one to pinpoint which one is causing the error.

  • How do I fix error code 0x803f8001 in Minecraft?

    Log out of your Microsoft account and log back in, check your date and time settings, update Windows, and restart your PC. If you still see the error code, clear the Microsoft Store cache, reinstall the Minecraft Launcher, and reinstall Microsoft Gaming Services.

  • How do I fix the JNI error in Minecraft?

    To fix the JNI error in Minecraft, download and install Java updates. If the problem persists, reset the Java installation file path.

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