How to Fix It When Apps Aren't Working on an Android Tablet

Why apps won't open on your Android tablet

This guide will walk you through a series of solutions for how to fix Android tablet apps when they stop working properly or refuse to open or load.

The solutions on this page can be applied to all Android tablet models including Samsung tablets.

Why Are My Apps Not Working On My Tablet?

Android app problems are usually caused by:

  • A lack of memory or space on the tablet
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • An app or service that’s incompatible with the Android tablet model.

The service associated with the app being down can also cause Android apps to stop working properly as can errors created during an app installation or update process.

If an app on your Android tablet that used to work fine suddenly stops working, it’s likely that an operating system or app update is needed, the app’s connected service may be down, or the app no longer supports your Android tablet model.

When one or more Android apps refuse to open on a tablet, this usually means the apps are in the process of being updated, there’s a basic conflict between various apps and functions, or there’s not enough memory on the device for more apps to open.

How to Fix Android Tablet Apps That Stop Working

Here’s all of the best ways to fix an Android app when it stops working or refuses to open on an Android tablet. It’s recommended to work through this list of fixes in order as they’re presented from easiest and less time-consuming to more advanced and involved.

  1. Restart your Android tablet. A basic restart can help your Android tablet run faster and can also fix a number of app problems.

  2. Quit the Android app. If an Android app won’t open properly on your tablet, check to see if it’s already running in the background, close it, and then try opening it again.

  3. Close all Android apps. Quitting all of the Android apps that are running in the background can free up space and fix any conflicts with your tablet.

  4. Stop downloads. Your Android tablet may have trouble performing some tasks while large files are being downloaded.

  5. Connect your Android tablet to Wi-Fi. Some Android apps require an internet connection to open and run properly.

  6. Try a different Wi-Fi or cellular network. A weak connection can make apps crash and freeze. Try switching to another Wi-Fi network or, if your Android tablet supports it, switch to an available cellular network.

  7. Turn Wi-Fi off. Sometimes a poor internet connection can make an Android app unstable.

  8. Update the Android tablet’s operating system. An Android OS update may be needed for your tablet to open apps properly.

  9. Update your Android tablet’s apps. Some Android apps often require the latest version to run properly.

  10. Free up space on your Android tablet. Your tablet may not have enough free space for Android apps to open or run properly.

  11. Check the app compatibility requirements. Open the app’s listing in the Google Play Store and check its Android tablet hardware and operating system requirements. You may need to upgrade your Android tablet, its OS, or both.

  12. Check if an app’s service is down. Online apps such as Pokemon Go and Disney Plus can often stop working if the connected service goes down.

  13. Clear Android cache data. This process can free up space on your Android tablet and help it run apps and other functions better.

  14. Clear your browser app’s cache. If the Android app you’re having trouble with is a web browser app, try clearing its cache to improve its functionality.

  15. Uninstall the app and reinstall it. This process can be frustrating but it can often fix Android tablet app issues when nothing else works. If possible, make sure to back up any app data to the cloud or the tablet’s local storage before uninstalling the app. 

  16. Factory reset your Android tablet. If you’re experiencing serious problems with numerous apps and you’ve tried all of the solutions suggested above, you may need to factory reset your Android tablet. This will restore your tablet to its as-new state so make sure to backup as many files as you can before proceeding.

This isn't a fix, but more of a work-around: Try the web version of the Android app. Many popular Android apps also have web versions which can be accessed from within a basic web browser app. For example, if the Android Netflix app isn’t opening properly, try accessing the Netflix website within the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser app.

  • How do I fix the "Unfortunately, your app has stopped" error in Android?

    The causes of the "Unfortunately, your app has stopped" error can be various, and so are the fixes. Many of the solutions above, including rebooting your device, deleting and reinstalling the app, and clearing your cache, should solve the problem.

  • How do I fix an authentication problem with Wi-Fi on an Android tablet?

    Glitches, incorrect passwords, and bad network settings can stop your Android tablet from connecting to a Wi-Fi network. Try toggling airplane mode or resetting network settings to get back online.

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