Apple Watch Not Registering Standing? How to Fix The Problem

Standing for longer isn't the only solution

If your Apple Watch isn't registering when you stand it can disrupt your ability to complete your activity rings, but troubleshooting and fixing the issue is often easy enough. Here's how to fix it when your Apple Watch isn't registering you standing.

Why Is My Apple Watch Not Registering When I Stand?

There are many different reasons why your Apple Watch isn't registering you standing. It's important to troubleshoot why it occurs to figure out how to fix the issue. Typically, the reason is often quite simple.

  • You're not standing for long enough. The Stand feature only recognizes when you've been standing for one minute. It won't detect it if you stand up for a brief length of time. 
  • You're not moving your arms sufficiently. The Apple Watch uses an accelerometer to track your movement. If you're standing for a minute but not moving your arms, it may not notice you've moved. Move your arms around to ensure it recognizes your efforts.
  • Your Apple Watch needs updating. Sometimes, an old update can affect how well your Apple Watch works. Update your Apple Watch to the latest software to try to fix the issue.
  • Your Apple Watch needs calibrating. Open the Workout app, select Outdoor Walk, and go for a walk for about 20 minutes to calibrate your Apple Watch to reset most tracking.  

Why Isn’t My Apple Watch Tracking My Stand Hours?

If your Apple Watch isn't tracking your stand hours, it can be for the above reasons or other reasons. Try these troubleshooting tips to restore the function.

  1. Check that your Apple Watch is tracking your steps. If it's not, try these simple fixes for when your Apple Watch isn't detecting your steps.

  2. Your watch isn't in contact with your wrist. Check that you're wearing your Apple Watch correctly, so it knows that you're wearing it and monitors your activity accurately.

  3. Turn on Wrist detection. Open the Watch app on your iPhone, then select Passcode > Wrist Detection. Toggle the switch to the On position if it isn't already.

  4. Check that Fitness Tracking is enabled in the iPhone settings. Select Settings > Privacy > Motion & Fitness and then toggle Fitness Tracking to the On position.

  5. Check that your Apple Watch is unlocking correctly. Each day you wear your Apple Watch, check that it's unlocked at the start of the day to register your steps and stand hours correctly. You'll need to be wearing your Apple Watch snugly without it being too tight.

  6. Restart your Apple Watch. A restart can fix many issues. Turn your Apple Watch off and back on again.

  7. Reset your calibration data. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then select My Watch > Privacy > Reset Fitness Calibration Data to reset your calibration data.

  8. Unpair and re-pair your Apple Watch and iPhone. Resyncing your devices solves many issues, but it can take some time. 

How Long Do You Have to Stand for Apple Watch to Register?

You need to be standing for at least a minute for your Apple Watch to register your activity. 

That minute needs to involve you using your arms by moving them around in some way so that the device recognizes your movements. Standing very still rarely works.

Can You Manually Add Stand Hours on Apple Watch?

No. It's not currently possible to manually add stand hours to your Apple Watch as it means people could 'cheat' the system and fake their progress. It's also impossible to change how often it reminds you to stand, with the set number being once every hour as recommended by many health professionals. 

  • How does an Apple Watch know I'm standing?

    The Apple Watch uses an accelerometer and has motion sensors that detect movement. When you move your arms as you go from a seated position to a standing position, this helps the Watch identify that you've stood up. When you walk or otherwise move about, you have the best chance of earning standing credit.

  • How do I change the standing goal on an Apple Watch?

    To change your activity goals on an Apple Watch, including your stand goal, launch the Activity app on your Watch, scroll down, and select Change Goals. Go to Stand Goal, use the plus and minus buttons to increase or decrease your goal, and then select OK.

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