How to Fix It When an Amazon Fire Tablet Is Stuck on the Fire Screen

Charge your tablet, disconnect devices, or update the OS in Recovery Mode

Amazon Fire tablets can suffer from an issue that causes the device to freeze on the Fire logo screen during a startup or restart. This article will walk you through a number of proven solutions for this Fire logo screen problem in addition to providing some context for the potential causes and some advice for helping to prevent it from happening again.

The solutions on this page apply to all Amazon Fire tablet devices including older models which were released under the Kindle Fire label. Note: Amazon Fire and Kindle Fire tablets are completely different devices from Amazon Kindle e-readers.

Why Is My Amazon Fire Tablet Stuck on the Fire Screen?

A discharged battery is often the cause of the Amazon Fire tablet getting stuck on the Fire logo screen. A lack of available storage space can also affect the restart and startup processes as can a connected device plugged into the Amazon Fire tablet’s USB port.

How Do You Fix a Stuck Fire Logo Screen?

An Amazon Fire tablet being stuck on the Fire logo screen can usually be fixed by performing a restart or completing one or two of the below solutions.

  1. Charge your Amazon Fire. If the Fire tablet’s battery is discharged, it will be unable to turn on or restart and will likely display the Fire logo before shutting down.

  2. Restart your Amazon Fire tablet. A basic restart can fix a variety of problems including the Fire logo glitch. To do this manually, press the Power button for at least 40 seconds to turn the tablet off, wait a moment, and then press the Power button for two seconds to turn it back on.

    Make sure that your Amazon Fire’s battery is charged before performing a reset as a discharged battery can break the restart cycle and trigger the frozen Fire logo screen.

  3. Disconnect USB sticks and hardware. Remove any USB drives and cables from your Fire tablet and perform a system restart. It’s possible the connected device could be causing conflicts.

  4. Restart in Recovery Mode. Once activated, use the volume buttons to highlight Restart and the Power button to confirm the selection.

  5. Update Fire OS. Your Amazon Fire tablet’s operating system, Fire OS, may need an update to patch security and performance issues and improve optimization.

  6. Update your Fire tablet’s apps. Select Settings > Apps & Games > Amazon Application Settings > Appstore > Automatic Updates and make sure Automatic Updates is enabled. Then, connect your Fire tablet to a secure Wi-Fi network and plug it into a power source to charge.

  7. Clear the Fire tablet’s cache. If you have access to the tablet’s settings and apps, attempt clearing its cache to help it run faster. To do this, select Settings > Apps & Notifications > Manage All Applications or See all > Storage > Clear Data or Clear Storage > Clear Cache.

  8. Remove large movie files. Open Netflix, YouTube, Disney Plus, or any other streaming video apps you use on your Amazon Fire tablet and manually delete any downloaded files. This can free up space on your Fire tablet and help it run faster.

  9. Factory reset your Amazon Fire tablet. This process will return your Fire tablet to its as-new state. A factory reset will delete all of your locally-stored data and settings but it can also fix serious issues such as the Fire logo startup screen bug.

    An Amazon Fire tablet factory reset will not affect your Amazon account, any associated purchases, or any data you have saved in the cloud.

  10. Contact Amazon customer support. As a last resort, you may need to reach out to Amazon’s official customer support and inquire about a fix or, if your warrantee is still valid, a product replacement.

  • How do I fix a charging port on an Amazon Fire tablet?

    If your tablet won't charge, there may be something wrong with your charging port. The first thing you should try is cleaning it, first with tweezers (if debris is visible), and then with a cotton swab and some rubbing alcohol. You should be careful not to dislodge or damage the pins inside, however. If cleaning doesn't work, you may need to schedule a service appointment if you aren't comfortable replacing the part yourself.

  • How do I fix an Amazon Fire tablet with a black screen?

    You should first try letting your tablet charge for a while to see if its battery was just low. If that doesn't work, there may be a problem the connections to the charging port. Try (gently) wiggling the cable in the port to see if it makes a connection. Other possible causes are that the battery connector has worked loose inside the case or the battery itself is bad. For these issues, you'll probably need to schedule service.

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