How to Fix It When an Amazon Fire Tablet Can't Connect to the Camera

How to get camera access on your Fire tablet

Here's how to fix it when you see a message saying an Amazon Fire tablet can't connect to the camera.

These instructions apply to all Amazon Fire tablets (formerly Kindle Fire).

Why Can't My Fire Tablet Connect to the Camera?

Here are some possible reasons why your Fire tablet's camera isn't working.

  • The Camera app is experiencing an error
  • Apps don't have permission to access the camera
  • Parental controls are blocking the camera
  • The camera is physically damaged

How Do I Fix the Camera on My Amazon Tablet?

Follow these steps until your Fire tablet's camera is working again:

  1. Restart your Fire tablet. Press and hold the power button, then tap Power Off. Press the power button again to turn on the tablet. If there's a temporary software conflict, this should resolve the problem.

  2. Clear the app cache. In the device settings, clear the cache and data for the Camera app. If you're specifically having a problem with the camera in a certain app, clear the cache and data for that app, too.

  3. Check the app permissions. If you're having trouble with a specific app, go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Permissions > Camera, then select the toggle beside the app to give it permission to use the camera. Restart the app, then grant permission to access the camera when prompted.

    Steps to give apps permission to use the camera on a Kindle Fire tablet.
  4. Change the parental controls. Go to Settings > Parental Controls > Amazon Content and Apps > Camera to change it from Blocked to Unblocked.

    Steps to change the parental controls on a Kindle Fire tablet.
  5. Reinstall the app. If the camera still doesn't work for a specific app, delete the app you are using and install it again. When you open the app, grant permission to access the camera.

  6. Replace the Fire tablet's camera yourself. If you're sure that the camera itself is broken, and you're feeling especially tech savvy, you can try replacing it yourself.

    Taking apart your Fire tablet will void the warranty. Be extremely careful to not further damage any of the parts.

  7. Reset your Fire tablet. A reset will restore the tablet to factory settings. Anything you have downloaded will be erased, but you can redownload books and apps.

  8. Contact Amazon support. If your device is still under warranty, you may be able to get your Fire tablet repaired for free.

  • Where is the camera on the Amazon Fire tablet?

    All Amazon Fire tablets have a front-facing camera for selfies and a camera on the back for taking photos. To take photos and videos, use the Camera app.

  • How do you access the camera on an Amazon Fire?

    The first time you open an app that uses the camera, you'll see a prompt asking if you want to give access to the camera. If you dismiss the prompt, you may not see it again, so you must go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > App Permissions > Camera. Select the toggle switch next to an app to grant permission.

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