How to Fix It When the Alexa App Says the Echo Is Offline

Is your Echo device or the Alexa app causing the problem?

The Alexa app will sometimes indicate that your Echo device is offline. While a simple restart may quickly solve the problem, sometimes you have to dig a little deeper to troubleshoot the issue. Here are a few common troubleshooting techniques to try when Alexa says your Echo is offline.

Before trying any of these troubleshooting techniques, try restarting your Echo. Unplug the Echo device, wait a minute, then plug it back in. Check the Alexa app to see if the Echo is back online. If it's not, try the other methods here.

Update Your Alexa App

Check the Alexa app to see if updates are needed. An outdated Alexa app on either your smartphone or Echo device may cause it to appear offline. Head to the iTunes App Store or Google Play to check for updates. 

Your Echo should update Alexa automatically when it's connected to Wi-Fi, but you can manually update it if you think it hasn't updated properly. To manually update Alexa on your Echo, just say, "Check for software updates." Alexa will download the updates to your Echo and the light ring will flash blue as they're installed. Avoid using your Echo while the update is happening. 

Re-Install the Alexa App

Try uninstalling the Alexa app and then reinstalling it on your smartphone to see if that fixes the issue. Follow your phone's instructions for uninstalling apps and then reinstall the Alexa App from the iTunes App Store or Google Play as required.

Check the Power

Check the outlet your Echo device is plugged into. First, check that the outlet has power by pressing the Microphone button on your Echo. A red light ring on your Echo signals it has power; if you have no lights, move the Echo to another outlet and try again. 

If your Echo is plugged into a power bar, check the bar's on/off switch. Flip it on, wait a minute, and press the Microphone button. You should see a red light ring on your Echo; if you have no lights, check the outlet the power bar is plugged into.

In both cases, once you have restored power to the Echo, it should appear online in the Alexa app.

Check Your Wi-Fi

Your Echo device will appear in the Alexa app only if your smartphone is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Echo. For example, the Echo in your living room won't show up in your Alexa app when you're away from home.

To check your Wi-Fi connectivity:

  1. Verify that your modem and router are on. You should be able to see that you have internet connectivity based on the display lights. Refer to your modem and router manuals for more information on your model.

  2. Check that your phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network. Usually, that's an antenna or signal strength icon at the top of your smartphone screen. If you seem to be connected, try downloading or sending an email through your email app to test the connection.

  3. Check your modem and router to see if all the displayed lights are green. Most modems display amber or red lights if there is a connectivity issue. Follow the instructions in your modem/router's manual on how to troubleshoot it. 

  4. Restart your modem and router. This is often the easiest fix, even if you have all green lights. Reboot your modem/router manually, wait five minutes, then try to reconnect Alexa to your Wi-Fi network. Follow the instructions in your modem/router's manual if you're unsure how to do this.

After checking all of these possibilities, turn your Echo off and then back on again. Your device should reconnect to your Wi-Fi network and reappear in your Alexa app as online.

Move Your Echo Closer to Your Modem/Router

Sometimes your Echo is working fine, but it's still showing as offline in the Alexa app. That's usually because of a weak connection between the Echo and your modem/router.

To fix this, make sure your Echo is close enough to the modem for a strong signal. Stand near the Echo with your smartphone and check the strength. If you have a weak signal, amplify it with a Wi-Fi booster or repeater. You can also move any electronic devices that stand between the Echo and the modem, such as TVs, radios, and microwaves. These devices can interfere with the signal. Alternatively, move the Echo to a spot closer to the modem/router.

Update the Wi-Fi Network Information

Another culprit for your Echo showing as offline in the Alexa app is that you recently changed your Wi-Fi network name or password. Follow these steps to update this information for your Echo.

  1. In the Alexa app, tap the menu icon, then Settings.

  2. Press Device Settings, then choose the Echo device you want to change the Wi-Fi information for.

    Menu, Settings, Device Settings in Alexa app on iOS
  3. Next to Wi-Fi Network, tap Change.

  4. Follow the instructions that appear on-screen (which are the same as when you set up your Echo device the first time).

    Echo device, Change Wi-Fi Network link, Continue button in Alexa Settings
  5. Change any information to reflect the new Wi-Fi network information as needed.

  6. You should now see a Your [device name] is now online message in the app.

Re-Register Your Echo Device

When you order your Echo device, it's registered to your Amazon account before being sent to you. If it's not showing up in your Alexa app, you can try deregistering and re-registering it (similar to the "turn it on/off to see if that fixes it" idea).

  1. Visit the Amazon website in a browser and log in to your account. (You can use your computer, tablet, or smartphone for this.)

  2. Select Your Account.

    Your Account on Amazon
  3. Select Your Content and Devices.

    Your Content and Devices menu item under Your Account on Amazon
  4. In the Manage Your Content and Devices menu bar, select Devices.

    Devices tab on Amazon Manage Your Content and Devices page
  5. Find your Echo device in the list and select the three dots to the left of it.

    Three dots next to Amazon Alexa device
  6. Select Deregister.

    Deregister link for Amazon Alexa device
  7. Confirm you want to deregister the device. This frees the Echo from your Amazon account and you can now re-register it as a new device.

  8. Unplug and then plug your Echo back in.

  9. Open the Alexa app on your smartphone.

  10. Tap the Devices icon.

  11. Press the plus icon.

  12. Tap Add Device and follow the instructions.

    Devices icon, Add Device button, Amazon Echo device to add

If you bought the Echo secondhand and the previous owner didn't or couldn't deregister it from their Amazon account, you'll have to contact Amazon support and they can deregister it for you.

Reset Your Amazon Echo 

When all else fails and your Alexa app still doesn't show your Echo device as being online, reset the Echo to its original settings. If you choose this option, you'll need to register it to your Amazon account and enter device settings into the Alexa app again in order to use it.

  1. Find the Reset function for your device. Refer to your Echo's manual to find it.

  2. Press and hold Reset until you see the light ring on your device turn orange, then blue.

    Amazon Echo orange light ring
  3. Release the Reset button.

  4. Wait for the light ring to turn off and then back on. When the light turns orange, the device will enter Setup Mode.

  5. Connect your Echo device to the Wi-Fi network and register it to your Amazon account with the Alexa app.