How to Find Someone Using Only a Username

Run a username search to find people online

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Usernames are often unique to an individual, and if it holds true for the person you're looking for, it's really all you need to uncover a wealth of information on them.

Finding people by username means that all you need to do the search is their username. Maybe it's their Facebook or Twitter username, or a username they use when playing video games, etc.

Why would you need to do a reverse username search? Maybe you found a comment by someone online and you want to locate their Facebook page. Or, maybe you were playing video games with someone and got disconnected, and now you want to reach out over one of their social media accounts.

A reverse username search can find lots of information on someone, such as online comments, videos they've watched, purchases, work history, friends and family, photos, shared videos, and more.

All of the information you can obtain using these username search tips are 100 legal and free because they use data that's publicly available. However, this knowledge should be used appropriately and never in any way that could harm someone else.

Search the Username on a Web Search Engine

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The first thing you should do when starting a people search by username is to simply plug it into your favorite search engine. There are several to pick from, like Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing.

Just type the username like you would any other search term, like this:


Longer or extremely unique usernames are much easier to work with because the odds are slim that someone else is using the same username.

Look for any and all website that come up in the results. If you're lucky, you'll find all the other websites this person is using the username on.

Another way to perform a web search from a username is to use Google's "inurl" search parameter. Doing something like this will show you every page Google has crawled that includes the username in the URL:


There are several other search commands supported by Google that can be helpful when searching or people by username.

Use Social Networks to Do a Reverse Username Lookup

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Social networks — especially those that belong to brands and businesses — usually use the exact same username across all platforms. Take the username you know and plug it into a few social media sites to see if an associated profile comes up.

Try sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest by putting the username at the end of the URL, like this:

This type of username search has the potential to find lists of friends, images, interests, and even personal information like phone numbers and email addresses.

If the reverse username search unearths a profile image but not much else, you can do a reverse image search for help. It's possible that the person is using the same image on another account even if the usernames are different.

Search for Usernames on Specific Sites

Reddit username search

Most websites require a username to participate in site activities. Depending on the site, searching for someone's username might show you their entire activity history or specifics like public comments, purchases, posted articles, live chat, etc.

On Spotify, for example, just type the username into the search bar to locate their account where you can see all their public playlists.

If you think the username has been used on Reddit, you can quickly search through every comment publicly available on the site with the Reddit Comment Search tool. To find posts written by a specific username, use the "author" search function (replace username with the one in question):

Similar username finders are available on other sites, such as eBay. Use the Advanced Search page to search for everything listed on eBay under that specific username. Or, replace the word username in this URL with the one you're searching:

If you can't find a username search engine tool on the site you're wondering about, try a general search for the username using whatever search functionality the site has.

Use a Username Search Engine

Pipl home page

Search engines have been made specifically for finding someone based on their username. They can cross-reference the username you enter with all sorts of sites including social media accounts, blogs, and more.

Pipl is one example of a tool that can find someone using only their username. It gathers all the accounts with that username into one page in just a few seconds, and provides a link to each one.

Another example of a free username search engine is It scans the username against dozens of popular websites so that you can click any of them to instantly visit the page that's using that username.

Other sites will work for this kind of username search, too, but they might not be free. Spokeo, for example, claims to give lots of information about a username but it's not free to see many of the results.