Five Franchises That We Need on the PS4

The PS4 is barely over a year old and we already have a “Grand Theft Auto” (remastered, but technically) “Killzone,” and “Infamous” game to play on it. By now, we shouldn’t be surprised that annual franchises like “Call of Duty” and “Assassin’s Creed” made their next-gen debuts quickly (in fact, we already have two of each), and the LEGO series is such a juggernaut that it’s only mildly shocking that there are a stunning four LEGO PS4 games. But what’s missing? We’ve recently seen some footage and screenshots from the upcoming “Uncharted 4,” “Mass Effect 4” and “Red Dead Redemption 2” are in production, Guillermo Del Toro himself is hard at work on a “Silent Hill” reboot, and news broke last month that the “God of War” people are getting back to making video game magic. Those five news items are VERY good to hear—all five will make for major gaming events. But it got me thinking—“What’s next?” Perhaps we can make a few suggestions.

Dead Space

Dead Space 3. EA

What happened to this franchise? “Dead Space 2” is one of the scariest games ever made. Seriously, I start to get a little nervous just writing about it. It’s arguably THE scariest game ever made. And while I’ll agree with the critics that “Dead Space 3” kind of jettisoned a bit too much of the claustrophobic suspense in favor of non-stop action, it’s still a DAMN good game. It’s remarkably well-executed, features some great set pieces, and deepens the narrative universe in which this game takes place. Deemed too much of a financial disappointment (solely through RIDICULOUSLY overhyped expectations), the series is reportedly dead. Of course, nothing in video game land stays dead forever, and I’m near certain the necromorphs will return. Let’s do it soon. Can you imagine how incredible a “Dead Space 4” would look in 2016? Maybe they’re too scared to even make it.


Darksiders 2. THQ

Another story of a franchise killed by a game that came out at a time when the last generation of consoles was winding down and developers weren’t quite thinking logically in terms of what a modern game can deliver in today’s economy (same story holds for “Tomb Raider,” which some thought would be the biggest game of all time I guess given that it reportedly “disappointed” as well). “Darksiders II” got caught up in the end of THQ, meaning that another game is highly unlikely. That’s a shame. Both “Darksiders” games, but especially the stellar first one, feature the kind of “God of War”-esque combat/puzzle dynamic that is too rare in modern gaming. After “God of War,” many tried and most failed to copy that slash-and-solve formula. “Darksiders” was the best of the bunch. And, again, imagine a world like this rendered with PS4 graphics engines.


Bioshock Infinite. 2K

Don’t believe the naysayers, there hasn’t been a “Bioshock” game yet that’s fallen short of excellent. Sure, no game is likely to ever match the “WHOA” response of the original, one of the most influential games of the modern era. And so the repetitive nature of the sequel overshadowed the remarkably fluid and addictive gameplay. For “Bioshock Infinite,” gamers just weren’t quite ready for the mind games, and so a great game wasn’t given enough attention. Whatever you may think of the “Inception”-esque narrative of 2013’s most daring game, one thing is for certain: the inevitable PS4 “Bioshock” will look amazing. What these games have done as well as any is world creation, from Rapture to Colombia. I can’t wait to see what world they design for the PS4. 


Fallout 3. Bethesda

Speaking of world creation. Like “Bioshock 4,” this is inevitable, although the developers seem more than willing to play with fan hype to the degree that could come to back to bite them. Someone keeps teasing “Fallout 4” and it’s likely that there are people in some secret bunker somewhere working on the game as you read this—could they throw us a bone? Give us a screenshot? Concept? Subtitle? Anything? We all know we’ll eventually get a “Fallout 4” but the anticipation is starting to verge on annoying. We’re going to get a “Star Wars” sequel before another “Fallout” game. Something about that doesn’t seem right. 

Rock Band

Rock Band 3. Harmonix

Yes, I said “Rock Band.” I know some of you are shaking your head. And I know some of you know that Harmonix recently asked fans via Twitter what they’d want in a fourth “Rock Band” game. So, it appears the investigative portion of whether or not to do another game has begun. Let me add my voice to the “PLEASE DO IT” side of the debate. I was woefully addicted to “Rock Band 2” and even “Rock Band 3,” and even I agree that the music game genre became oversaturated with too many off-shoots. And yet I think it’s time to get the “Band” back together. Revolutionize it for a new era of gaming. Find what made “Rock Band” such a phenomenon and try to rekindle that spark. I’ll pick up my guitar and start practicing just in case.