Fitueyes TT207001MB Universal TV Stand Review

A wall mount minus the drilling

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Fitueyes TT207001MB Universal TV Stand With Mount

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand

Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

What We Like
  • Attractive minimalist design

  • Decent television height

  • Feels sturdy on wood floor

What We Don't Like
  • Feels unstable on carpeted floor

  • The second shelf is flimsy

  • Swivels side to side, but doesn’t tilt up or down

The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand is an attractive minimalist solution if you want to position a television up against a wall, but you don’t want to drill holes to mount it. It features decent cable management, a shelf for small home theater components, and it can even swivel from side to side.


Fitueyes TT207001MB Universal TV Stand With Mount

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand

Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

We purchased Fitueyes Universal TV Stand so our expert reviewer could thoroughly test and assess it. Keep reading for our full product review.

When you’re trying to figure out where to put a new television, the traditional options are to mount it on a wall or set it on an expensive hutch or console. The Fitueyes TV Stand provides another option with a lot of the benefits of wall mounting without actually drilling into your wall. This TV standis designed to sit on the floor, it uses the same VESA standard as wall mounts, and it even has two shelves for your home theater equipment.

We put a Fitueyes universal TV stand together and tested it with a couple different televisions to see how sturdy it feels, how well it handles cable management, how much equipment you can stack on the shelves, and more.

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand
Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

Design: Attractive minimalist design with matte black steel and tempered glass

The Fitueyes TV stand features a very basic design, with a base platform made of steel and topped with tempered glass. The hollow support column is also made of steel, as it the mounting hardware, while the second shelf is made of medium density fiberboard. The matte black and glass design is striking, setting the stand apart from more traditional units.

The mount is capable of handling televisions between 32 inches and 65 inches, and it’s able to swivel from side to side. You can position the stand where you have space, then rotate the television to provide an optimal viewing angle.

The matte black and glass design is striking, and sets this stand apart from more traditional units.

Setup Process: Easy assembly

This stand comes in pieces, but it goes together without too much trouble. It took us about half an hour, start to finish, to put it together and hang a television on it. It’s a little awkward to work with during parts of the construction, due to the size and weight of the components, but it’s still possible to accomplish with just one person. If you have two sets of hands available, it will go a little faster.

Construction: Matte black steel and glass

As mentioned before, the three materials used in the construction of this stand are steel, tempered glass, and fiberboard. The base, the column, and the mounting hardware are all made out of steel with a matte black paint job, making them feel very sturdy. The base also has a surface that’s made out of tempered glass, which adds a nice visual flair to the otherwise basic design, and the shelf is made out of medium density fiberboard.

Since this TV stand incorporates tempered glass into its design, care should be taken to avoid stressing and breaking the glass. In an earlier design of this stand, the shelf was also made out of tempered glass. The glass was replaced with fiberboard due to a risk of breakage, and the unit we tested used the redesigned fiberboard shelf.

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand
Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

Compatibility: Uses VESA mounts for decent coverage

The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand isn’t entirely universal, but it comes close. It uses the same VESA standard as traditional wall mounts, and it’s capable of adjusting to VESA bolt patterns anywhere from 100mm x 100mm to 600mm x 400mm. As long as a television has a VESA bolt pattern in that range, and falls within the size range of 32 inches to 65 inches, it should work.

The one compatibility issue that you may run into is that some televisions have protrusions on the back that can interfere with the mounting bracket or even the main post. If the back of your television is flat or uniformly curved, it should work, although curved backs require some customization work with spacers. If there are any protrusions, they may get in the way.

Usability: Swivels left and right, but no tilt mechanism

This TV stand is very easy to use once you have the television mounted on it. It can be a little difficult to mount large televisions without the assistance of another person, but once the television is on there, swiveling it from side to side is a breeze. There is no tilt mechanism, so you’ll need to use spacers to permanently tilt the screen if you need to achieve a better viewing angle.

We found that this stand feels extremely stable on hard surfaces like tile and wood.

The two usability issues are that there isn’t enough space for devices, and the mounting hardware can block access to ports on the back of some televisions. The problem of space is exacerbated by the fact that the shelf is very flimsy, bolting to the stand via a single point of contact. We wouldn’t recommend setting anything heavy on it. With that in mind, if you have a lot of home theater electronics, you may need a secondary console, table, or shelf to set them on.

The issue of the mounting hardware blocking ports is easy enough to deal with. Before you mount the television, you just need to take a look at whether anything is blocked. If anything is blocked, just plug your cables in before mounting the television. In some cases, you may need 90-degree adapters.

Stability: Stable on hard surfaces, not so much on carpet

We found that this stand feels extremely stable on hard surfaces like tile and wood. The large base provides a sturdy footing, although we would suggest using wall straps for some additional stability. This stand is supposed to be safe for televisions up to 65 inches in size. The largest television we tested this stand with was 50 inches, and even that felt like a very large television to be hanging on this stand. If you want to hang a 65-inch television on this stand, a set of properly installed straps should help provide some extra peace of mind.

When placed on a carpeted surface, the stand doesn’t feel as sturdy. It may settle into place over time, but we would hesitate to place a very large television on this stand when you have carpet underneath. This is definitely a case where you’ll want to use straps.

Fitueyes Universal TV Stand
Lifewire / Jeremy Laukkonen

Cable Management and Storage: Simple cable management provides a decent enough solution

The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand offers a simple cable management solution by including pass-through ports in the hollow central column. This allows you to pass cables from the television into the column, route them down to the base, pull them out, and then plug them into your electronics.

The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand offers a simple cable management solution by including pass-through ports in the hollow central column.

The one issue with the cable management solution is that there’s no hole in the column at the base. This may have been omitted in order to provide better structural integrity, but it does mean that you won’t ever be able to push the stand up completely flush with a wall, because the cables have to come out of the back of the column instead of the front.

For storage, what you see is what you get. This is a very minimalist stand, so there aren’t any compartments to store your electronics or extra cables. The base provides an area to place your home theater components, and the shelf provides a platform for light components like streaming boxes.

Price: Great price for what you get

The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand is priced competitively in comparison to other stands that are designed to sit on the floor rather than a table. Typically priced at about $80, the Fitueyes Universal TV Stand is actually a bit more affordable than a lot of competing stands that offer similar functionality.

You can find slightly cheaper options, but less expensive stands typically have fewer features or can’t handle large televisions. The Fitueyes TT106001MB model, for example, typically retails for about $65, but it has no second shelf and it can’t handle televisions bigger than 55 inches.

Competition: Some offer features like tilting and casters, but at a price

The Fitueyes Universal TV Stand is in a strong position in terms of features and price. It’s hard to find a freestanding TV stand at this price, that can handle such large televisions. The aforementioned Fitueyes TT106001MB, for instance, is a bit less expensive, but it can’t handle bit TVs.

The Rfiver TF6001 is another competitor that matches Fitueyes in terms of functionality and coverage, but it’s priced a bit higher. The Rfiver unit also uses a tempered glass shelf instead of a fiberboard shelf like this stand. The tempered glass shelf looks nicer, but it would also represent a safety hazard were it to break.

Other competitors are even more expensive, but offer additional features. For example, the Rfiver TF8001 typically retails for about $100, but it has casters on the base, which allows you to easily move the television wherever you want.

Final Verdict

Makes a good choice if you have hard flooring and your television isn’t too big

For the price, the Fitueyes Universal TV Stand is a very good stand. It has an attractive minimalist design that won’t stand out or clash with most home decor, making it an excellent alternative to mounting your television to a wall. However, if you have a heavier TV or a potentially unstable surface like carpet, you may want to pick a sturdier option.

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  • Product Name TT207001MB Universal TV Stand With Mount
  • Product Brand Fitueyes
  • SKU 602258732452
  • Price $78.99
  • Weight 35 lbs.
  • Product Dimensions 27.5 x 16.5 x 50.8 in.
  • Material Steel, tempered glass, and medium density fiberboard
  • TV Size Range 32” to 65”
  • TV Weight Limit 110 lbs
  • Warranty 30 days
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