The Best Fitness Apps for Android

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Staying fit requires willpower, commitment, and encouragement. It's also easier said than done. One tool you can use to keep motivated is an app that tracks your progress and helps you find new workouts, whether you use your smartphone as a tracker or a dedicated device like a fitness band or smartwatch. There are plenty of free and low-cost apps that can track running, biking, nutrition, and other stats and help you achieve personal bests. Here are some of the front-runners.

Reach Your Steps Goal and Track Other Activities

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The Google Fit app can automatically track runs, walks, and bike rides, and you can manually log more than 120 other activities. It also connects with other apps, such as Endomondo and Map My Ride to get a full picture. Google Fit is available on Wear OS smartwatches (formerly Android Wear smartwatches) as well as smartphones and tablets. You can also view your stats right on your desktop browser, which is convenient.

Fitbit smartwatch and band users can only use the Fitbit app. In addition to tracking your steps, it can also log biking, weight lifting, swimming, and other activities. Fitbit also offers on-screen workouts. If you wear your Fitbit to bed, you can also monitor your sleep, and even use it as an alarm clock; it will gently vibrate in the morning, a pleasant alternative to a blaring alarm. 

Track Cycling

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For biking, Endomondo is an excellent app for tracking speed, distance, and duration. Helpfully, Endomondo has an auto-pause feature that will detect when you stop moving so that your average speed and duration are accurate. The company recommends using this feature only when traveling faster than 8 miles per hour.

You can also use Endomondo to track runs, climbing, yoga, dancing, and many other activities. Endomondo Premium ($5.99 per month or $2.50 per month for the annual plan) gets rid of ads and adds personal training plans, weather information, and more statistics.

Meet Your Running Goals

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The Runkeeper app tracks running, of course, but also walking, biking, and other exercises. You can set goals, set up custom routines, and get reminders to work out. The app also lets you set up running groups with your friends and map out routes using GPS.

Run Your First 5K

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If you're not a fitness enthusiast, the Couch to 5K program is one way to get started. The idea is to start small and work up to a 5-kilometer run (3.1 miles) after about two months. The program is for people who are either intimidated by long-distance running or have tried and failed before. It's a sensible approach that doesn't require a considerable time commitment. You can use the Couch to 5K website to track your progress for free or download the mobile app for $2.99. A companion app can then help you work towards a 10K if you fall in love with running.

Start Strength Training

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Its difficult for novices to know where to begin when it comes to weightlifting, and that's where StrongLifts 5x5 comes in. Its regimen consists of 5 exercises (3 per workout) at 5 reps each. You'll need some equipment, including barbells, to complete the workouts​ or a membership to a gym. 

Track Your Food Intake

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All that exercise should be accompanied by healthy eating. The best way to change the way you eat is by tracking what you eat. MyFitnessPal has a calorie counter and tracks calories burned from exercise. You can customize your profile to align with your goals. To track fitness, you'll have to use a separate app (see above), but you can connect it to MyFitnessPal so all your stats are in one place.

Track Nutrition and Fitness

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If you want one app to track both your eating and exercise habits, check out Lose It! Even if you're not out to lose weight, you can use Lose It! to track what you eat and connect it to a tracker or smartwatch to log your physical activity.