Fitbit to Enable Noise and Snore Detection to Sense and Versa Devices

Don't let snoring ruin your sleep

Fitbit is getting some new updates that measure noise while you sleep, including loud noises and snore detection.

Initially spotted by 9to5Google and later confirmed by Fitbit, the “Snore and Noise Detect” feature is coming soon to the Fitbit Sense and the Fitbit Versa 3. The microphone on these devices will measure and collect noise data after your Fitbit detects you’re asleep.

Sleeping with smartwatch
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The feature will detect two things: how loud or quiet a noise is and snore-specific noises. So even if you’re not the one snoring and it’s your partner that’s making the noise, Fitbit will measure if their snoring is disrupting your overall sleep quality. A morning “Snore report” will show you any information about if and how the noise in your sleep environment affects your sleep. 

However, Fitbit notes this specific feature is more battery-draining than other features and recommends that your Fitbit device be charged to at least 40% before you go to bed. You’ll also need the Fitbit Premium subscription to access this feature on your device, which costs $10 per month or $80 per year. 

You'll also be able to opt-out of the feature altogether and delete your snore/noise data if you so choose. 

While Fitbit is the first smartwatch to debut a noise/snore detection within the device itself, Apple Watch has many available apps—such as Sleep Cycle or Snore Control—that record, measure, and track your snoring. 

However, when it comes to measuring sleep tracking data, Fitbit reigns supreme and is hailed for its accuracy at identifying and quantifying sleep stages, according to research published in the Nature & Science of Sleep Journal.

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