Fitbit Introduces New Sleep… Animals?

These profiles are only for premium members

Fitbit has introduced a more detailed, easier-to-interpret Sleep Profile feature that better analyzes and breaks down sleep data for Premium members.

If you've wanted to learn a little bit more about your sleep patterns and know what animal shares your habits, Fitbit's new Sleep Profile feature has you covered. So long as you wear your Fitbit device to bed and are a Premium member, you'll receive detailed reports every month regarding your snoozing patterns and overall quality.

Fitbit Sleep Profile turtle


According to the Fitbit team, Sleep Profile tracks 10 different sleep metrics, then compares the results to averages pulled from comparable demographic data. You'll also be able to see the ideal ranges to give you a more precise idea of what might need to change. That data is then compiled and revealed at the start of every month as a rundown of how you've been doing.

Fitbit Sleep Profile details


But why animals, though? The logic behind assigning an animal "archetype" to your Sleep Profile is that it could make it easier for users to understand an abbreviated version of their sleep cycle. The Fitbit team says that there are six animal types in total, and each has unique sleep habits that can be likened to the various patterns seen in people. In a broad, generalized sense.

Sleep Profile is rolling out for Premium members in the Fitbit app now and will work with the Charge 5, Inspire 2, Luxe, Sense, Versa 2, and Versa 3 devices. It's unclear if support will extend to other Fitbit devices in the future. Users should be getting their first compiled profile on July 4th, with future profiles appearing on the first of every new month.

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