A Complete Strategy Guide to "Fish Tycoon"

Raise and sell fish to protect the island of Isola

Swirl Of Fish
Tammy616 / Getty Images

"Fish Tycoon" is a relatively simple game, as simulation games go, but it is fun and suitable for older children and adults. Your goal in the game is to breed seven magic fish that once swam in the lagoon of Isola.

You are in charge of a real-time fish store. Although you start the game with only a few fish, you play your way to two tanks full of fish. You buy supplies, breed the fish, and sell them for cash. Knowing a few tricks of the game makes breeding and raising the fish easier and—in some cases—faster. When you crossbreed fish to come up with the seven magic fish, a genetic puzzle is solved, and Isola is restored to its fishy glory.

Get Rid of Sick Fish

If you do not have a lot of cash, which is common at the beginning of the game, buying medicine for a sick fish is not the best course of action. If you can recreate the breed with other fish in the tank, then send the sick fish to the trash and make another one.

Buy Common Eggs at the Start

You begin with a starter set of eggs to drop into your tank to grow an initial set of fish. You also start with some cash; use this to purchase some common eggs and drop those into your Tank 1, too. This will give you enough fish that you'll more easily find a matching pair to start your breeding.

Early Fish Breeding Tip

Breed fish that look alike. This way, you won't waste your time breeding fish that die. Breeding some combinations of fish result in babies that do not thrive. Starting with a pair that is exactly the same ensures initial breeding success. If you don't have two matching types of fish, select two that are very similar for a better chance at having the babies survive.

If you don't have any fish that are the same at the start, you can always restart the game and see if you get a better array of fish, to begin with.

Watch out for Tank Limits

Fish tanks can hold a maximum of 20 fish. If a pregnant fish has a baby in a tank already at the 20 fish limit, the baby disappears.

Make the Best First Purchase

Supplies are difficult to obtain starting out. It gets easier after you find a breed that earns you $40 or more for each sale. The first supply to work on buying is the Fish Environment. It allows you to create more valuable fish, and without it many baby fish die.

You will also want to purchase your Tank 2 when you can. This will give you more room to breed more fish and increase your output, thus increasing your income.

Record the "Fish Tycoon" Breed Combinations

Take notes to track the types of fish you create when you breed a pair of fish. By keeping track of these combinations, you will find it easier to discover the magic fish. To see which two fish created a particular breed, put a fish in the isolation tank and click on the Species button.