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Fish Games for Everyone

Fish games are not just about catching fish. The majority of games listed give goals of breeding and caring for fish for business purposes. All the fish games below have a demo. so you can try them out before purchasing.

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"Fish Tycoon"

Fish Tycoon
Screenshot © Last Day of Work.

In "Fish Tycoon", your job is to find the magical fish by breeding fish. You'll find yourself checking to see if your baby fish have grown and what new hybrid breeds you have created. Money is earned by setting a price and selling fish. You'll need the cash to buy fish eggs and tank improvements. If we could only have one fish game, this would be the one.

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"FishCo". Screenshot © Fugazo, Inc.

You and Tracy are the proud owners of a new fish shop. You are the one that is responsible for maintaining tanks and breeding the fish. "FishCo" 40 levels challenge you to something different. It's usually a combination of selling fish for a breed(s), buying so many plants for the tanks, and meeting a sales goal.

The levels are fast-paced, roughly 4 to 6 minutes for the early levels. "Fish Tycoon" players who cannot stand waiting for the fish to grow and breed should try out "FishCo."

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"Jenny's Fish Shop"

Jenny's Fish Shop
Screenshot © Oberon Media.

Played or heard of "Cake Mania?" It's the same type of game only your selling fish, not cakes. Your job is to raise fish, put them in the right environment, and keep them fed. The faster you do it, the more money earned. This game could have been any animal sitting in a cage. "Jenny's Fish Shop" is not the game for gamers looking to breed and manage fish tanks.

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"Bass Tournament Tycoon"

A Fish Game
Screensoht © Anarchy.

We move from tanks to lakes. While "Bass Tournament Tycoon," is a fish themed game, the focus is on business, not on the fish. The task is to keep fishermen happy and run a fishing tournament smoothly. "Bass Tournament Tycoon" is a decent game, one of the better choices of fish games.

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"Feeding Frenzy 2"

Feeding Frenzy 2
Screenshot © Pop Cap Games.

You are the fish. You must eat your way to full size by eating smaller fish and dodging the large ones, who are waiting to crunch on you. A fish is moved around the bottom of the ocean by moving your mouse around. "Feeding Frenzy 2" isn't a serious sim game.