Apple Releases Firmware Update for 2012 Mac mini


Apple today released a new EFI update for the Mac mini that is said to correct a problem with using the Mac mini's HDMI output.

Courtesy of Apple


Ever since the 2012 Mac mini was released in the fall of 2012, there have been occasional reports of poor image stability or quality when connecting the HDMI output directly to the HDMI port on an HDTV. The usual complaint was flickering or poor image quality, usually involving color rendition.

Surprisingly, when the HDMI port was used with a DVI adapter, the issues tended to go away. Among those who used the Thunderbolt port to drive a display, no image issues were ever reported.

The problem seemed to be caused by the Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip that drives the HDMI port. Intel produced an update to the graphics in the form of a new driver, but until now, Apple hadn't released the update.

This update to the EFI firmware is said to correct the HDMI video issues. You can download the update via the Software Update item in the Apple menu, or directly from Apple's support web site.

If the update does indeed correct the HDMI video problem, then the new Mac mini may be a great candidate to serve as the central component in a home theater system.

If you have the 2012 Mac mini, please leave a message here letting us know if you had the video problem, and if this update corrected it.