Apple Firmware Update for Mac Mini (Late 2012)

Anyone with a late 2012 Mac mini computer should load this update

If your Mac mini HDMI connection isn't working, it may be due to a bug from the 2012 release of the desktop computer. Following the release of the 2012 Mac mini, there were occasional reports of poor image stability or quality when connecting the HDMI output to the HDMI port on an HDTV. The usual complaint was flickering or poor image quality. The Apple EFI firmware update for the late 2012 Mac mini corrects the problem using the Mac mini's HDMI output.

This upgrade is only available for the late 2012 Mac mini. If you have any other Mac model—mini or otherwise—it cannot be installed. If you try to install the upgrade, you'll receive an error message.

Firmware Solution to Flickering Problem

The problem seemed to be caused by the Intel HD Graphics 4000 chip that drives the HDMI port. After Intel produced an update to the graphics in the form of a new driver, Apple released the update.

When the HDMI port was used with a DVI adapter, the issues tended to go away. Among those who used the Thunderbolt port to drive a display, no one report any image issues.

This update to the EFI firmware corrects the HDMI video issues and is available for download from the Apple support website.

This update is a must for those with the 2012 model of the Mac mini. Even if you don't use the Mac with an HDTV or use an alternate video port such as the Thunderbolt port, this update corrects several other video-related issues.

How to Perform the Upgrade

Before you perform the upgrade, connect the computer's power cord to the computer and plug it into a working power source. Leave the Mac mini plugged in during the entire process.

  1. Go to the Apple support website and select Download under the Mac mini EFI Firmware Update 1.7.

  2. Go to the Downloads folder of your Mac mini and double-click MacminiEFIUpdate.dmg to mount the disk image on the desktop.

    MacminiEFIUpdate file

  3. On the desktop, double-click the Mac mini EFI Updater icon.

  4. Double-click the MacminiEFIUpdate.pkg file to open the installation window and start the installation process.

The Mac mini restarts and displays a status bar that indicates the progress of the upgrade. It may take a while. Don't interrupt the process. The Mac may reboot a second time.

When the upgrade is complete, the Mac finishes the startup process and displays the desktop or login screen, depending on how you have it configured.

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