Firefox Relay Gets Premium Subscription Plan

Adds unlimited email aliases and a new subdomain

Mozilla has unveiled a new premium plan for its Firefox Relay service, which lets you set up email aliases to use when signing up for new accounts.

On Tuesday, Mozilla announced Firefox Relay Premium, a new subscription option for its free privacy-focused email feature. Where the free version of Relay offers you access to five email aliases, Relay Premium will give you access to a new subdomain. You can then set up as many email addresses as you want using the new domain.

The new Firefox subdomains displayed on a MacBook pro.

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Mozilla has been experimenting with Relay for several months now, rolling it out to early adopters in May of 2020. Now, though, the service is available to Firefox account users, and anyone can sign up for it if they want to have better control over who has access to their personal email.

The feature works similarly to Apple’s Hide My Email feature, sending emails from your alias accounts to your personal email. You can easily block the messages coming from the alias or even delete it if it begins to receive a lot of spam. Firefox Relay will also let you see a summary of your current aliases, including how many emails have been blocked, how many have been forwarded, and how many aliases you have in use.

The company says that feedback from beta testers showed that many wanted access to more than just five aliases, which is why it is introducing the paid plan.

Firefox Relay Premium is launching with an introductory price of 99 cents and is available in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

The service will be available for .99 EUR or 1 CHF in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Spain, and Switzerland. Mozilla has not shared any information on what the price will be after the introductory phase.

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