Firefox Redirect Virus

Firefox logo over binary code

David Gould / Getty Images

Malware can affect your computer in many different ways. It can install fake applications, such as Disk Antivirus Professional, or it can hold your computer hostage with ransomware. Malware can also compromise your Internet browser with browser setting modifications and unwanted search results. The Firefox Redirect Virus is capable of doing this and much more.

What Is Firefox Redirect Virus?

This vicious malware attacks Mozilla Firefox browser and redirects your Internet searches to unwanted sites. For example, your Google search “Top Smartphone Apps” may redirect to a web page full with pop-up advertisements. The Firefox Redirect Virus can accomplish this by altering Domain Name System (DNS) and reconfiguring your browser settings to manipulate search engine results and load malicious websites. Firefox Redirect Virus will attempt to infect your system with additional malware. This attack is mainly used to increase the popularity of certain websites or direct you to infected websites in an attempt to infect your PC with other malware, such as logic bombs and Trojan horses.

How Can You Get Infected?

Your PC can get infected with the Firefox Redirect Virus by different means. One of the most common ways to become infected is by downloading pirated software. Cybercriminals often distribute malware through exploits that promote software piracy. When you download and launch the pirated software, the malicious code will execute and can launch multiple attacks, including the Firefox Redirect Virus.

Visiting infected websites can also infect you with Firefox Redirect Virus. The infected site can modify your Internet settings, such as your default homepage and other security settings. The next time you launch Firefox, your home page will be different and your Internet searches will be redirected to other sites.

Phishing attacks can also infect your PC with Firefox Redirect Virus. Phishing attacks often occur in the form of an email. The email may contain a link to an infected website. By clicking on the link, your Firefox browser can become compromised if the website is infected with Firefox Redirect Virus.

How to Prevent Firefox Redirect Virus

Just like other malware threats, you can prevent from becoming infected by performing these simple tasks:

  • Don’t download pirated software — Pirated software is often infected with malware.
  • Be careful when downloading freeware/shareware applications — Downloading free applications, such as games and screensavers, can be risky because you may be downloading a Trojan horse.
  • Install an anti-spyware application — Anti-spyware software will protect you from security threats caused by spyware. Ensure you keep your anti-spyware software updated. New forms of spyware are constantly emerging, and an outdated anti-spyware application will not protect you from the latest spyware threats.
  • Install an antivirus application — Most antivirus applications can detect malware such as Firefox Redirect Virus. Configure your antivirus software to routinely check for updates. If your antivirus software does not contain the latest signature files, it will be rendered useless against new malware threats.
  • Patch your applications — Always download and install the latest security patches to your applications you have installed on your PC. Vendors such as Adobe and Microsoft identify vulnerabilities with certain applications and will deploy patches to strengthen security and protect you from a potential attack. Do not avoid these tasks and ensure you either allow your applications to download and install critical patches or routinely check for any updates that need to be downloaded and installed.
  • Install latest system updates — Not keeping up with operating system updates will make your PC vulnerable to the latest malware threats. Use the Automatic Updates feature in Windows to automatically download and install Microsoft security updates.

Firefox Redirect Virus will compromise your Firefox Internet browser and can introduce other forms of malware. By following the steps above, you can prevent from becoming infected. However, if you have become infected with this malware, these steps can help you remove the Firefox Redirect Virus.