Firefox Browser Makes It Easier to Protect Your Privacy With an Email Alias

Keep your details hidden when signing up for sites

Using a masked email address to protect your privacy when signing up for (or into a website) will soon be possible with Firefox Relay built into Mozilla's Firefox web browser.

Many websites require (or at least encourage) logging in with an email address, but what do you do if you'd prefer to keep your email hidden? Email alias services like Firefox Relay are one option, and Mozilla just so happens to be testing direct integration with its Firefox browser.

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In practice, Firefox Relay creates a proxy email address to use instead of your actual email for those times you'd prefer not to share it, but the site you're visiting won't take no for an answer. Messages sent to these alternate accounts can be forwarded to your regular email and responded to without giving your actual address away.

The service also promises to remove trackers and block spam—among other privacy features—depending on your subscription plan.

While still in testing, Mozilla plans to have your Firefox browser handle the proxy email setup directly without jumping over to a Relay account setup. Relay users will be prompted to create a relay mask when entering their email—similar to the password-generation and saving prompts we've become so used to.

Firefox Relay in the Firefox web browser


Mozilla expects to roll out Firefox Relay integration to all its browser users later this year. It also plans to increase the number of sites that Firefox Relay will work on over that same period.

Once available, you'll need to connect (or sign up for) a separate Firefox Relay account, offering up to five free email masks (with heftier plans costing $1.99 to $6.99 monthly).

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