Fios TV App Coming to Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV

Stream all over the house without buying additional Fios TV boxes

Verizon users on Thursday will be able to install the Fios TV app on their Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV—making it possible to stream in multiple rooms without buying extra Fios TV boxes.

Verizon announced several new additions to its Mix-and-Match plan, most notably the option for customers to install the Fios TV app to their Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. New Fios TV packages will include a Fios TV One box free of charge, but the need to purchase additional boxes for use in other rooms is being phased out.

Fios TV One


So long as you have an Apple TV 4K, Apple TV HD, or Amazon Fire TV (and have signed up for Fios TV) you'll be able to download and install the Fios TV Home app beginning Thursday.

This only applies to these specific TVs, however, so if you're interested in Fios TV but don't own any of the mentioned models, you'll still need multiple Fios TV One boxes for multiple rooms.

According to Verizon's announcement, "Parents can watch live sports events on the Fios box in the living room while kids watch cartoons and teens watch comedies on connected TVs in their bedrooms. With Fios TV One enabling more flexibility, Fios TV users can more easily place TVs in the kitchen, on the back patio or other areas of the house."

Updated pricing details will be available on Verizon's Bundles page when the new Mix-and-Match plans roll out tomorrow.

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