Where to Look Online for What's New on Netflix

See Which TV Shows & Movies Have Been Newly Added

Watching Netflix on tablet
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It's not just you -- everyone wants to know what's new on Netflix this month, and what they can expect to see coming next month. As one of the most popular TV show and movie streaming services worldwide, staying in the know with what's new has become a huge trend.

Most people resort to checking out the "Recently Added" or "New Releases" sections while browsing Netflix, which is the typical way to see what's new. But if you prefer to know well ahead of time what's expected to be added soon to Netflix's offering, then your best bet would be to follow at least one entertainment site or blog that specializes in providing that type of information.

A whole variety of Netflix-themed sites have popped up to help serve the hungry crowd of streamers, bringing all sorts of articles and updates about what happening on Netflix. So whether you want to know what's just been added, what's being pulled soon, or what's going on with that TV show you really like, you can pretty much count on the following sites to tell you.

(Please keep in mind that these sites aren't affiliated with Netflix, and are fan-based.)

FlickSurfer: The Best and Easiest Tool for Browsing Netflix Titles and Seeing What's New

If there's any Netflix site you want to add to bookmark or add to your mobile device's home screen for quick and easy access, it should definitely be FlickSurfer. The site has a clean and organized look, and automatically lists everything that's been most recently added right on the front.

So, to see what's new, all you have to do is visit the site. The real power of it, however, comes with all the filters you can apply to easily narrow down your search for something new to watch.

At the top, you can filter out movies or TV shows, then choose a genre filter to get more specific. Once you've got that set, you can then view titles based on the ones that were most recently added, or filter them by viewer ratings from Netflix, IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes or an average of them all.

What's New on Netflix: New Release Information Tailored by Country

If you prefer a blog-style type of site, then you may want to try What's New on Netflix. This one is especially useful if you live in any country other than the US because the site allows you to select your country so you can see its specific Netflix offering.

Like any blog, the site features posts of shows and movies that have most recently been added, so you can scroll down through the site to get a sense of what's new. Clicking on a title will show you the details of the show or movie, along with a direct link to watch it on Netflix.

What's on Netflix: New Releases Plus Additional Information

What's on Netflix is a great site to follow if you watch Netflix from the US or UK. US information is updated daily, while those watching from the UK can expect weekly updates.

You can use the menu at the top to browse through news stories, what's new on Netflix, what's coming soon, what's leaving soon, the best of Netflix and more. So if you want to read newsy articles about your favorite shows and movies, plus stay on top of everything that's expected to come and go, this is a great site to follow regularly.

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