Find Your Next Favorite Podcast With Spotify Charts

What do you mean you never listened to [insert popular podcast here]?!

Spotify’s new charts will make it easier to get into those really funny podcasts your friends never tell you about.

Spotify's trending podcasts and top podcasts charts

The only thing better than listening to your favorite podcast is discovering a new favorite you can binge-listen to.

Top charts: Spotify is launching a pair of new podcast charts—Top Podcasts and Trending Podcasts—that aim to make it easier for listeners to discover new favorites and see where their current favorites rank. 

How they work: Launching today in 26 markets, including the US, the UK, Brazil, Australia, Germany, Mexico, and Sweden, the charts will display the “fastest-climbing of-the-moment trends for podcasts,” as well as list the overall most popular shows in your area based on recent listener numbers. Top Podcasts charts will show the top 200 shows, and Trending Podcasts charts will display the top 50.

In the aforementioned countries, the Top Podcast chart will also be broken down by category so you can easily separate the comedy shows from the video game spoilercasts and true crime dramas. According to The Verge, both charts will update daily.

Bottom line: People are producing so many podcasts that it can be hard to leave behind old favorites and find something new. If you’re already a Spotify subscriber, maybe these new charts can finally convince you to check out Welcome to Night Vale or My Brother, My Brother and Me.

Via: The Verge

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