How To Find Your Twitch Stream Key

It's located in settings on the Twitch website

What to Know

Your Twitch stream key makes it possible to stream from popular third-party applications. This guide will help you access your stream key.

How to Locate Your Twitch Stream Key

Follow the steps below to get your stream key.

Smartphone and tablet users should note the Twitch app for Android and iOS doesn't display the stream key (though you can start a stream on your device through the Twitch app). Twitch streamers must use the Twitch website to find their stream key.

  1. In a web browser, visit and login to your Twitch account. Create an account if you don't have one.

  2. Select Settings from the Creator Dashboard to expand its list of menu options.

    The Twitch user dashboard with the settings menu highlighted
  3. Open Stream.

  4. The stream key will appear at the top but is not immediately visible as a security precaution. Select Copy.

    The Twitch stream key & preferences menu with stream key section available.

    Alternatively, you can click Show to display the stream key, then manually enter it into another device.

    The stream key is not immediately visible because anyone with the stream key can stream to your Twitch channel. Don't share it and avoid viewing it in public.

  5. Once copied, you can paste the key into third-party streaming apps like OBS.

How to Find Your Stream Key on Mobile

Your Twitch stream key is not available in the Twitch app for Android, iOS, or any other platform. You can stream from the Twitch app, but you can't find and copy the key to use in another app.

However, you can find the Twitch stream key on mobile by using a web browser to follow the steps in this guide. You can then copy or view the stream key to be used in other apps or with other devices.

Why Do I Need a Stream Key?

The stream key lets Twitch users stream to the platform directly from a third-party app or service.

If it didn't exist, Twitch users would have to provide their login credentials to a third party. That could be a serious security risk.

The stream key is also important to protect, but it can only be used to stream to your channel. It doesn't provide access to other Twitch account information.

Should I Share My Stream Key?

Never share your stream key. Anyone with access to your stream key can stream to your channel. Twitch will hold you responsible for any content streamed to your channel.

The Stream page, which displays your stream key, provides settings that can be used to give other streamers permission to stream to your channel. You can then control who has access.

In some rare cases, such as when traveling or collaborating with others, you may need to enter a stream key to start a stream on a device you don't own. It's best to avoid this, but should it happen, it's crucial to immediately reset the stream key after the stream is finished - even if it's a friend's computer.

  • How do I reset my stream key for Twitch?

    You can change your Twitch stream key at any time in the same place you view and copy the stream key. Select Reset, which is located just to the right of Copy. This process will change your stream key. Any apps that have access to your previous stream key will no longer be able to see your channel.

  • How do you start a stream on Twitch?

    Once you've added your stream key to your app of choice and created a layout, you're a click away from starting your stream. Most apps have a "Start Stream" or "Start Streaming" button that will put you online as soon as you click it.

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